Wednesday, 28 February 2007

Storm damage closes gym

Would you believe it? Foiled again! No 25 points for me tonight. Mind you, I can do with a guilt-free break. I've got a candle party to go to. It was going to be a rush with my workout, shower, and then getting there, but a girl's gotta take every opportunity to go shopping.

This morning I did the gentle cardio session that I planned. The most interesting part of the session was the walk to the gym, as there was hail everywhere. We had a massive storm last night, and the evidence was all over the place this morning. Where the hail had melted the pavements were green with leaf litter. The leaves were torn to shreds. Street lights weren't working. There were already workers out and about cleaning up the damage.

I did the "fat burner" session on the treadmill at level 6. Started off at 6 km/h but dialled it back to 5.6 when my quads started complaining. Those walking lunges are a killer!

I had intended to start work early this morning, which involves getting a taxi. I walked down to the rank to discover it was full of hail. Not a cab in sight. I'd not noticed the hail on my way past earlier, as the street lights were all out at that corner. I wandered off towards a couple of other taxi ranks, to no avail. The walk did give me the chance to see more hail everywhere, and I still managed to get back in time for my regular bus.

The gym is supposed to be open tomorrow. I'm not sure if we'll be doing the long run. I guess it will depend on the weather. I'm hoping that it's fine. Whatever happens, I'll go early and do the weights session I missed today. In the evening, I have my slim session, and I'm hoping Body Jam will be on. I should be able to fit in a cardio session too.

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Celeste said...

Wow hail! I have yet to run in the rain - hail might be a little too extreme!