Tuesday, 13 February 2007

This morning's run went well

All that trepidation and it ended up being fun. Who would have thought it? I met Leanne at the gym just after 6 and we headed off on our run. I managed to run for the first 8 mins without needing a breather. A short spell walking and we were back to running. One more walking spell on the way home and the rest was running. I thought I'd have to stop again, but it seemed to get easier the closer we got to home. We ended with a short sprint, just to prove we had some energy left. I use the pronoun "we", knowing full well that Leanne could be running rings around me. It's a great feeling being able to run hard at the end, and I've started doing that on my treadmill runs too.

We run from Canberra city centre across to the park beside Lake Burley Griffin. At the moment, getting to the lake and back takes up my full p/t session. I suggested to Leanne that if she had any other clients who were running, maybe they'd like to combine sessions so we could go for a longer run. Can you believe it? I suggested it!! Anyway, Leanne enthusiastically jumped on the idea and we're doing that in a fortnight.

For those of you who understand these things, we covered 3.2 km in just under 25 mins, at an average speed of 7.5 km/h. Leanne has a footpod, which I think is cool. Being an IT person, I love gadgets, but I think I have to have more kilometres in these legs before I take that step.

After the run, to get points for an "other" workout, I walked on the treadmill for 20 mins at 5.6 km/h and then stretched for 10 mins. All up, I covered 5 km in about 45 mins. This effort is from a woman who, when she joined Fernwood two years ago, couldn't run across the street!

In fact, I was thinking about that very fact this morning. I thought I was going to miss my bus connection in Woden, and took off running down the platform, with my backpack and handbag, running comfortably, breathing well. I would have burst out laughing if I hadn't been so intent on catching the bus. Back when I couldn't run, I would say, quite seriously, "There's no way I'd run for a bus!" Now that I can run, it's like I'm happy to take every opportunity to chase buses down.

This afternoon's gym session was strength training. After the other day's disastrous effort, I was a little apprehensive. The various exercise stations I wanted were busy, so I started with chin ups. I did a lot better than I had done with Leanne the other day. I was determined not to give up, and I got through both sets of 12. Afterwards, I remembered that she'd told me I could increase the counterweight for the second set. It's a pity I didn't remember it earlier. One thing I love about using the chinup machine is setting the counterweight at a lower weight all the time. When I first started using it, I was a good 25 kgs heavier.

I managed the leg curls and extensions without any trouble, and then braved the Smith machine. I'd given my left knee a bit of a twinge the last time I'd used it, so I'd avoided it. Anyway, I got through the two sets, even though I took them slowly and carefully. I was watching my knee like a hawk to make sure that I didn't twist it. I then tried the pec fly that beat me the other day. I dropped the weight down to 3 kg, and I was able to manage the exercise. I should be doing a bigger weight, but I thought it was more important to work on technique today. I was proud of myself for giving it a go, when I'd already decided I was going to wait for Leanne. I piked on the dips though, and I did the shoulders and arm exercises from my old program.

Afterwards, Michelle, one of the trainers, said to me that I'd had a really good workout. It was great to hear her say that. I used to always worry that the trainers would think I was doing a terrible job. Sometimes I'm ridiculously self-conscious. Anyway, it's great to get that positive feedback.

After my workout I dashed off to Trivia. That was fun, but our team did not shine.

Oh, I haven't really mentioned my eating, but that's going really well. I am enjoying my food and I'm keeping my calories in the "weight loss" category. I'm really looking forward to weighing myself when I'm in Melbourne on the weekend. I've noticed a difference in my body shape again this week. It's always weird when it happens, but it's exciting too.

All in all, a great day for the fitness challenge. I scored lots of points, kicked some fitness goals, and ate healthily.

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Debbie said...

Well done Kathy, I'm glad your run went well. I have been working out really well too so feeling great. Keep up the good work.