Friday, 16 February 2007

Easy day today

I took it easy at the gym this morning. I was feeling a little stiff this morning. I didn't think the body jam had been that energetic, then I remembered that I'd gone slightly crazy on the cross trainer the day before. No wonder my back was feeling it! As I was planning to do my strength training this evening, I went for a walk. 6 km/h for 30 mins. It was nice and relaxing. Mind you, I'm still stunned that I can walk that fast. In fact, I walked at 6.4 km/h for part of the walk, but I found that wasn't really comfortable. When I started at the gym, 4.8 km/h used to wear me out!

Found it a bit of a struggle at work today. Not sure if that's because I've been exercising so much, or if it was just one of those days. Anyway, I was glad it was Friday.

This evening, I did the strength training as planned. Wow. I'm planning my sessions. This is a new development. I enjoyed the session, and headed off home, determined to keep up the good work next week. Not only that, I'm planning to get to a Fernwood gym over the weekend and pick up some more points for my challenge. I'm notoriously bad at exercising when I'm in Melbourne, but I'm feeling more motivated than usual. I do want to run around the creek on Sunday, even though I won't get any points for it! Hopefully I'll manage to fit it in. The weekend is looking pretty busy already.

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lg said...

It's great when you can track your progress and see how far you've come - keeps you motivated to keep moving forward!