Thursday, 15 February 2007

I've just discovered Body Jam

I had the best fun tonight. I went to my first Body Jam class. Since I joined Fernwood I've avoided the classes .. too unfit, too fat, too self-conscious, etc etc. Lately, I've been thinking I should give them a go, and tonight, I finally did.

It was terrific. It's a dance workout, for those who don't know. I didn't know what to expect, but I was fit enough for the class even if I had next to no coordination. We were doing all these moves that you see on tv. I carefully positioned myself where I couldn't see any mirrors, and got into it. What a blast! I love dancing, even when I'm hopeless at it. I'm going to try to get there next week.

This morning, I did an interval run on the treadmill, and covered 4 km in 32 mins. I did the first 15 mins at 5.6 / 9.5, then did 5 mins at 8, followed by 1 min at 6, and then did three lots of 2 mins of 8 / 1 min at 6, finishing off with 2 mins of 8. I stopped as soon as I hit the 4 k mark, as I had a bus to catch. I made the bus by 2 mins, so that was a good decision in hindsight.

I'm finding it amusing that I'm keeping track like this, but I have this idea that it will be interesting to look back at this, particularly as my running improves.

I felt really good during my run. It seems to be getting easier all the time. Either that, or, as a friend of mine has suggested, my brain is banging on my skull with each step and I'm losing my sense of feeling.

Today, I had my slimplicity session. I was looking forward to being weighed, as I've had a great week as far as my food is concerned. I'd been eating really well, and my net calorie count was on track to lose 1 kg. I wasn't sure if the high weight loss the week before might have affected this week. To my delight I lost 1.2 kg.

I'll weigh myself on Sunday in Melbourne, and update my ticker then. I keep track based on our bathroom scales at home, rather than on the Fernwood slim sessions. My weight sounds better that way, as I weigh myself first thing, whereas my slim session is usually after 6 pm.

I also joined up in the Biggest Winner competition at work. It's going to be run over 5 months, starting at the beginning of March. The organisers are all people I know, so I want to support their efforts. It will be motivational for me too, as I have a goal to lose 20 kg this year.

I'm glad I'm doing this fitness challenge. Not only am I getting fitter - I'm broadening my horizons. I've used a wider variety of cardio equipment and I've managed to get to a group fitness class. I've started talking to more people at the gym. The whole thing has been great for me.


lg said...

Hey Kathy, thanks for dropping by my blog - I've actually been reading yours of late through Celeste's.

4km's in 32min - I'm impressed - keep it up chicky!!!!

Erika said...

Body jam huh? I'm impressed, very impressed.

Debbie said...

I told you Body Jam was fun, I knew you would enjoy it. I must get back into it now that I am more confident with my ankle. Keep up the good work

Kathy said...

Thanks Deb. You're a rock star! We'll have to get together and "jam". Preferably when nobody's around to see my "oh so not cool" moves!