Tuesday, 27 February 2007

It rained!

All those nerves, all that preparation, and it all came to nothing. I was awake early and ready in plenty of time. When I walked to the gym, it was raining! Would you believe it? It was getting heavier as I got closer to the gym so I was pretty sure that we wouldn't venture outside, and we didn't.

It's hailing as I write this. I have the blinds open so I can watch. On my way home from trivia tonight, there was crackling thunder and frequent lightning. I was glad that I was indoors before the heavens opened.

Back to the aborted run. Marianne and I combined our personal training sessions anyway and did boxing with Leanne. It was a great workout. We ran around the room where they do the classes, then skipped, rebounded and did step ups for 2 mins each, then got into the punching. We took turns holding the pads, which I've never done before. It's not as easy as it looks.

After we'd done the basic punching, Leanne had us running across the room, punching 10 times, running back and doing 10 pushups. We did this four times. I don't think I've done 40 pushups in a single session before! Then she had us do an interval run for 10 mins at 6 / 10 km/h. After that some walking lunges (which I hate with a passion), dips and stretches.

It was great fun doing the session with Marianne as well. I found it motivating as I tried to keep up. I certainly worked up a sweat! Unfortunately, I don't really know how many calories I burned, as I accidentally turned off my heart rate monitor when I pulled on the gloves. Still, I figure it was heaps! It will be even more when I start to feel sore tomorrow.

This evening I had planned some gentle recovery cardio, but I ended up doing some running. I didn't have a lot of time, so I did intervals, 6 / 10-10.5-11 km/hr for 20 mins then ran at 8.5 km/h until I reached 3 km. I got there in just over 22 mins, and then walked until I hit the 25 min mark before cooling down and stretching. A quick shower and I raced off to triv.

Our trivia team has not been going well, although we managed to win our first prize in ages last week for coming 7th. This week we rocked. We won the main prize by miles. We were seriously good, to our amazement. There was a new quiz master and they were very slow, which probably worked to our advantage, as it gave us time to think. I hope they get quicker, as I ended up coming home half an hour later than usual.

Tomorrow, I'm planning to do weights tomorrow evening. If I can get there in time, I'll see if I can get a vacancy in the 5:30 spin class. There's no point booking, because I'll be relying on a lift to make it there that early and they are chancy at the best of times. In the morning, I think I'll do that gentle cardio session I've been promising myself. At the moment, my legs are feeling tired, so it's probably a good idea not to push it. If the legs are up to it though, I'll try to fit some running into the cardio session.

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