Sunday, 25 February 2007

Quick Run today

I didn't have a lot of time to get to the gym this morning. For various reasons outside my control, I ended up doing a 20 minute run on the treadmill, which was all I could fit in before being picked up. Yes, you guessed it. I could have fit in a much longer run! It seems to always be the way .. you rush madly, and then spend time sitting still.

I ran at 8 km/h for 20 mins, which I was happy with. All the usual "let's stop now" stuff going on in my head, but it's not as hard to ignore now. With the walk to and from the gym, I ended up doing 40 mins of exercise.

Today was a lot of fun, a barbecue followed by a bush walk (more exercise) and then dinner out with some good friends. I do enjoy the weekend!

Next week, I'm doing a long run outside on Tuesday and Thursday morning. I'm planning to do the Body Jam class on Thursday night. This means that I will be doing weights on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I'll also be trying to get to an RPM class on Wednesday, and do some alternative cardio at some stage during the week. I'll do the weights in the evening, as that gives me more time, so tomorrow morning it looks like I'll be doing a cardio session. I'd better get my gear ready tonight, as I've been too busy over the weekend to get everything done.

I have to squeeze my slim session in on Thursday, which is annoying. They have all these people signed up for slim, but not enough staff to see us. Oh well, all I really want is to collect the points for the session. I don't pay real attention to my weight at the gym. I'll be weighing myself on Sunday morning.

This weekend I'll be going to the Yarraville gym. That's going to be a challenge to fit in, as I have to do some serious shopping for my winter wardrobe. I've given away all last year's clothes, and Canberra is a COLD place. I have a team of people going shopping with me in Smith Street Collingwood. It should be a blast, even if my credit card takes months to recover.

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Celeste said...

8km/h for 20 minutes? That's pretty impressive from my perspective! 8km/h is still fast to me, so to last 20 minutes is a solid effort! You make it sound easy!!