Monday, 19 February 2007

I did it - ran for half an hour without stopping!

I've been pleased all day! This morning I managed to run continuously for over half an hour. I ran 4 km in 31m 40s. Because I'd been getting to 4 km with the interval running, I split the difference and headed off at 7.6 km/h. I aimed at getting to the 4 km mark by 32 mins because I knew I could cover the distance in the time.

Physically, the run wasn't a problem, but mentally it was a challenge. I ended up being late to the gym, which would normally mean a shortened workout. Fortunately I didn't let myself fall for that one, deciding that if I missed the bus I'd catch a cab. I'd had a tiring weekend, so I had the "why don't you just walk today?" conversation with my old self. I managed to overcome that argument too. Ten minutes into the run I was telling myself "anything better than 12 mins is a victory". (I stopped at the 12 min mark the last time I tried to do this.) I had the same conversation at 15 mins and 20 mins. At 20 mins I gave myself a good talking to, telling my old self that I was strong enough to run for half an hour. I'd done it a number of times running intervals, and I wasn't running any faster on average so I would be able to do it. I was determined to make the 4 km mark. By the 25 min mark I knew I wasn't stopping, and the rest of the run was pretty easy. In fact, I could have kept going, apart from the whole "get to work, save this for your next goal" conversation I started having with myself.

I don't know how many people I bored with my "hey, I ran ... without stopping" conversation, but they kindly listened to me. I'm really lucky to have people around me who are so supportive. Either that, or it's impossible to shut me up!

Tonight I had my personal training session. We went through the rest of my new program. The session went really well. Leanne pushed me to achieve stuff I thought I couldn't do, which is pretty much standard. I was doing the pec fly with the 5 kg weight! Sheesh!

I managed to do a set of dips. I don't know why I was so concerned! Well, I do. I was convinced I'd collapse and hurt my arms. Landing on my tail bone also has me concerned, as I broke it once when roller skating. How I could possibly think that I'd break my butt from that distance I don't know. Mind you, fear isn't always rational.

After my p/t session I did another half hour on the treadmill. 20 mins of aerobic training followed by 10 mins of just walking. Now, I'm feeling really tired, so I'll be heading off to bed to do the "rest" part of the get fit program.

I'll skip running tomorrow, and see whether or not I can repeat the 4 km effort (plus some extra) on Wednesday.

By the way, I'm still feeling really pleased with myself now. I love achieving these goals. Now for 5 km!


Debbie said...

Well done Kathy, that is amazing. Just think of how far you have come. I'm going to have to work really hard to get any where near you. It probably is hard to shut you but you deserve to brag so go girl!

Celeste said...

Wow - good for you! I remember when I first ran for half an hour - and it was nowhere near 4km!!!! You keep going like this and you'll be running 7min k's in no time. I'm going to start getting jealous soon...