Sunday, 4 February 2007

Kororoit Creek

I went for a run this morning around the Kororoit Creek walking track in Deer Park. I ran and walked for half an hour. Before Christmas I ran the whole way around, so I'm aiming to be able to do this again soon. The circuit is a little over 3 km. We're not really sure if it's 3.2 km or 3.6 km, so I tend to err on the side of caution.

I was pleased that I managed to get out of bed and go for the run. I've had real trouble motivating myself to get up for a run while I'm in Melbourne. In early December, there was so much smoke from the bushfires, that I didn't run. Unfortunately, when the smoke finally disappeared, so had my motivation. I brought my running clothes down to Melbourne with me last weekend but avoided getting up for a morning run. Even today I was incredibly tempted to skip the run, so I figure today's run counts double! (I have a theory that if I go to the gym when I don't want to, that it doesn't matter how much exercise I do - it's worth double because I nearly didn't get there.)

I really enjoy running around the creek. When we first moved to Melbourne in 1977 we used to walk along the bike path on one side of the creek on our way to school. The bike path is a small part of the circuit now, and the thistles and weeds have gone, thanks to an improvement program some years ago. 10 years ago, Janet and I started walking around the creek in the early mornings, when all sane and sensible people other than us were safely tucked up in their beds. We didn't see much at 5:30 am, but the walking was certainly good for our health.

In the past nine months I've walked around the creek regularly when I'm in Melbourne, as I was taking part in a walking challenge. When I started to run late last year, making it around the creek was one of my main goals. I was so excited when I managed to do it without stopping. It took me 25 minutes.

I'm now looking forward to being able to run around the creek twice!

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Celeste said...

I agree completely that if you nearly don't get out of the house then it counts as double!!!

There are still days where I congratulate myself just for getting outside - and damn the speed or the distance, by then it is irrelevant.