Saturday, 24 February 2007

Tiring day today

I'm exhausted!

This morning, I headed to the gym at 9:00 so that I could get a cardio session in before the RPM (spin). Everything was going to plan, up until the RPM class. There was some sort of management problem, which meant our trainer couldn't attend, so the team decided to do the group fitness session instead. We figured we were better off with the team bonding than the extra ten points from the cycling class.

We headed off on a walk / run. We probably ran about 1.5 km around the lake. They were travelling more slowly than I normally run, so I did it easily. We got to the end of the running section, and then Krissi had us doing hill sprints, three of them. They weren't as bad as I thought they'd be. Krissi explained how to do them, so I was running on my toes and pumping my arms like pistons. It certainly made it a lot easier.

After the hill sprints, we had a coffee and a chat. Krissi told us about the local cross country club, which was a timely conversation for me to have. They do a run on Tuesdays at 6 pm during the warmer months. It's going to clash with Triv, but I can see that I'll be going along from next week. Not planning on going this week, as I'll be doing my first long run with Leanne on Tuesday morning. Not sure how exhausted I'm going to be from that. Also have to work out how I get my points for Tuesday evenings. Hmmm. This is a little complicated.

We have decided that this week's group session will be a long run on Thursday morning. Two of the team put their p/t sessions together then and go running, so they are going to let us all come along. If they go at the same speed they did today, then I should be ok. Apparently they run for about 50 mins. I think they have a break in the middle for hill sprints. I survived those today, so I should be fine.

Looks like we might do the 5K Canberra Marathon Eve fun run as a team too. I am so pleased I did this fitness challenge. :)

Something really strange happened today, well strange for me, even though it's happening a bit lately. I was leaving the gym this morning, and Krissi was talking to Steph, who's worked on the desk for ages so has seen my transformation from fat and unfit into less fat and less unfit. Krissi was telling Steph I was inspiring. I find it strange to be considered inspiring, especially by people who are fit, healthy and bursting with energy. I see myself as this person who let herself go badly. Sure, I'm getting myself back on track, but I'm so used to being seen as a fat person that I find it hard to accept that people are viewing me in a positive light. I think I'll have to learn to get used to it - it's an extremely positive thing which I want to be able to embrace instead of feeling a bit of a fraud.

I've been working hard to keep recognising all my small achievements. I've learned that focussing on the big goal is good, but that it's important to enjoy the journey and to be proud of what I've done. I'm so happy to be able to run now, that I think I'm bubbling over with it when I talk to people. I was absolutely delighted that I was able to handle the running today so easily.

This afternoon, I had a few friends over for a playstation afternoon. It sounds like a kids' thing, but I've got the dance mat and eye toy play 3, and the games are a scream for adults as well as children. I'm feeling very tired now though and I've got aches in places I didn't know I had muscles!

Tomorrow, I'm off to the gym for another run. I have no idea how far or fast. I'll see how I go.

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lg said...

I can understand how you may feel like a fraud but believe me - you are no fraud - don't underestimate the effort and attitude you have put in to get you to where you are now - I think it's great that people see you as an inspiration - you are definetely one for me!

Keep going strong and have fun with the playstation arvo!