Thursday, 1 March 2007

Gym still closed this morning

I went to the gym this morning to do my weight session and it was still closed. As I was already up and about, I headed off for a walk around Civic. The only problem with walking at this time of year is the proliferation of leaf blowers around the place. The noise echoes off the city buildings, and ruins a perfectly good walk.

Out on the edges of the city centre, there was still a lot of leaf litter and mud on the paths. It was quite slippery. As I walked around I was trying to decide whether or not I'd take a chance on the group being at the gym at 8 am. I came to the conclusion that the gym would have phoned Krissi and the two girls booked in for personal training, so I decided to go to work on time instead. You guessed it - I backed the wrong horse. They all showed up for the run. It seems I gave the gym manager too much credit.

Anyway, I was disappointed, as I'd worked out this whole strategy for making up the points I missed on Wednesday night. Instead of getting back on track I ended up missing points for the group session and my morning workout too. As I have a goal of finishing in the top five of the women taking part in the fitness challenge at my gym, I'll have to make those sessions up.

Krissi sent an email update out, and I discovered the girls had run 7 km in 50 minutes. When I heard that I was half disappointed and half relieved that I hadn't gone along, as I don't think I'm up for that yet. I've only just gotten to the 5 km in 40 mins mark!

This evening, I had planned to do a cardio session as well as going to Body Jam. My Slim session was earlier than I thought it would be, so I had 45 mins between it and the Body Jam class. I decided to see whether or not I might have been able to do the 7 km in 50 mins. I headed off at 8 km/h and managed to run 5 km in 37.5 mins. If I'd been able to keep going at that rate I would have hit 7 km in 52.5 mins, but I found myself having to stop at the 5 km mark. Any more running was just too much. I walked another 0.5 km cooling down. I got to 5.5 km at the 44 min mark. I was pleased with myself, although I would have liked to have been able to push myself to run a little further. Still, I've achieved my goal of running 5 km without stopping. Next step is to run 6 km.

The Body Jam class was a new release. Seeing it was only my second visit, that didn't mean a lot to me, but the instructor was really pleased. I enjoyed the session. It was a mix of latin, jive and hip hop. I burned 400 calories in the hour and I'm feelig the effects already. All in all, I've had a great exercise day today.

I've been eating well and exercising hard, and I'm not seeing any real progress on the scales. I lost 0.3 kg this week, according to the gym scales. Still, the weight is going in the right direction, so I won't complain. I am going to look more closely at the portion sizes for the things I'm not making myself. Maybe I'm eating more than I think.

Tomorrow, I'll do another cardio session and a weight session in the evening. I'll be in bed early tonight though .. I'm feeling really tired tonight.

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Celeste said...

Well done on that run! I've only recently managed 5km (as you know) and your time sound pretty impressive to me. I went under 37 minutes for the first time THIS WEEK!! It's quite a buzz when you see a 36 in front of your time. I understand completely about the dismay/relief thing too. 7km in 50 minutes would be a huge struggle for me but I would probably be able to go further than I think when everyone is around and egging me on.