Monday, 12 February 2007

At least I was exercising

This morning I got to the gym, but it was a very ordinary exercise session. I did some strength work on my legs (curls and one leg extensions), some chinups and then tried to do a new exercise Leanne showed me last week, a pec fly. Well, I just couldn't do it. I dropped the weight down from 5 kg to 4 kg and still my left arm was going everywhere. I'll wait for Leanne to show me again, so that I don't hurt myself.

I ended up quitting my workout. I rationalised it by telling myself I needed to catch a particular bus. Unfortunately, I know when I'm kidding myself. I was in such a slack mood that I nearly rang Murali for a lift but I decided to get off the bus an extra stop early and walk. I ended up with a good step total for the morning, so there was a bright side.

This evening I got back to the gym. I walked on the treadmill for half an hour. I did the aerobic training program at 6 km/h. I'm running with Leanne tomorrow morning, so I thought I'd better not run tonight.

I've been feeling really apprehensive about my run with Leanne. I am self-conscious about running in public. Before Leanne managed to get me outside, I was convinced that people would point and stare and that the pavement would crack up as I ran on it. It hasn't been that bad, thank goodness, but I find I only run outside on my own down in Melbourne.

I'm glad the day of the run has finally arrived, so that I can get it over and done with. We would have gone ages ago, but Leanne's been sick, the weather has been too hot, etc etc.

I've also got to choose a race to train for. I would like to do a 4km or 5 km fun run fairly soon. I just have to get up the courage to officially say "I'm running in that." It will happen!


Erika said...

Well done Kathy, your time almost equals Celeste's for her fun run. There is no reason for you not entering one now that your times are so close. I know that you could equal or beat her ..... I see your competitive side coming out.

Kathy said...

Thanks for the encouragement Erika. The person I need to beat at the moment is the one in my head that says "You've done enough, stop running, it's too hard, are we there yet?" and all those other helpful phrases. Today's run with Leanne went really well. I'll write it up when I get home tonight.

Celeste said...

Kathy - I'm up for a virtual race! I'd like to have a running partner who was at my pace, unfortunately nearly everyone is far too fast!!! And I suspect that with all the training you are doing, you will quickly surpass me too!!! Especially if you keep dropping that weight!

Kathy said...

Celeste, a virtual running partner sounds like a good idea. I really was inspired to do the 4 km the other day because you were doing your fun run.
I'm putting the details in for comparison at a later stage, but at the moment my main running goal is to be able to run 10 km. Not sure how long it will take me to get there though.