Tuesday, 20 February 2007

Recovery Day

I was at the gym before and after work, but I took it a lot easier today. I did two "Fat Burner" treadmill sessions. The morning one was tougher than the afternoon one - 30 mins at 6 km/h on level 8 as opposed to 20 mins at 5.6 km/h on level 6. I made sure I stretched well after both sessions.

My day ended on a good note. "Here for the Beer", the trivia team I play with, won a prize for coming 7th. We haven't been doing too well the last few weeks, so it was good to finally get a top 10 finish.

At the start of the fitness challenge I thought I'd not miss a single trivia night for it, but Black Team might be going rock climbing on Tuesday week. That one I have to do. I was thinking yesterday that I'd really like to do that after watching them try it on Biggest Loser. I hope it comes off. Normally, I'd avoid doing something like this, but I have more confidence in what my body can do nowadays. I am sure I'll have fun.

Tomorrow, I'm planning to do an interval run in the morning. I'm going to see if I can push my time past the 32 min mark. I'll have to get myself organised in the morning so that I'm at the gym when it opens. In the evening, there's a couple of RPM classes. I usually can't get to the 5:30 pm class on the bus, but I might be able to swing a lift. The other class is at 6:30, which might be possible. I'll have to see how the rest of my day stacks up. If I don't do the RPM class, I'll have another go at some different cardio.

This working out what I'm doing in advance is getting to be a habit! I'm now starting to write my plans down so that I can see if I follow through. I guess we'll know tomorrow.

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