Saturday, 17 February 2007

Busy day today

I planned to run this morning, but I didn't realise I'd be running around all day. Now that I have all this energy, I seem to be fitting more and more into my time. As I was rushing from one thing to another today, I was thinking "How did I ever manage to fit everything in before?" I think the answer is that I didn't!

This morning, I was up early to go to the airport. Dad picked me up at Tulla just after 8 (he's so good to me .. never a complaint, even when the flight is late). I was at the hairdresser's at 9 and back home to do my betting at 11. We have a family punting club and it was my turn to bet today. I had a few collects, but I fell short of the target (win the club's money back + 5c), which means that the torch is passed to the next punter in line. I then raced off to Fernwood at Yarraville, where I did another interval run (4 km, 32 mins at 5.6 / 9.5) and collected my 25 points, then dashed across to Highpoint to meet Erika.

Fortunately, Erika was quite happy to watch me eat, so we sat down and chatted for a while, while I demolished a yummy mixed plate from Kamil's Kebabs. We then hit the shops, in search of a warm outdoor jacket for me. I've realised that there's only six weeks to the Relay for Life. It was freezing last year! Knowing that I'll need a warm coat that fits (I've been giving all my clothes away as I go through the sizes), we set off in search of the perfect jacket. It had to be a little tight, as I'm back on the losing weight trail and I'll be a size smaller by the end of March. (Listen to the complete confidence of that statement!)

Erika found me the perfect jacket in Kathmandu. I've never shopped there before because I was convinced nothing would fit me. Imagine my delight when Erika discovered a fabulous ecofleece jacket on sale ($85 instead of $190) that fitted me. I tried the Large one on first, then the Medium one. I was making a decision between two different jackets which were two slightly different shades of red, when Erika said to another shopper that it was a shame that they only had the blue in Small. I thought, I haven't tried that on, so I did. And it fitted me - snugly, but it fitted! I don't know the last time I bought something with a Small size label on it. In fact, I don't remember doing that in my adult life.

Well, I was on a roll. I bought a pair of size 14 shorts that were also on the sale rack. I'm almost into size 14 and they were a terrific shade of purple. We then went to Target to look at jackets and we came across a swimsuit sale - 70% off. I'm off to Burleigh Heads for a week in May, so swimmers are on my shopping list. I bought one pair that fits me now (my fitness challenge team mentioned swimming as a group activity) and two pairs a size smaller, to wear in May. All three added together cost less than one pair!

I then spotted a top as we walked past Autograph that I knew would look terrific on my sister, Janet. In the store I found another one. I couldn't make up my mind between the two, so I bought them both for her. The cashier asked me if I wanted to sign up for an Autograph card, and I was so delighted to say that I was sorry but I'd just lost enough weight to not be able to shop at Autograph any more. She realised that the tops were for my sister, who has a card, so she gave me the 10% member discount. Wasn't that kind of her?

It's the second lot of kindness I experienced today. I left a book on the plane when I disembarked. I was really disappointed when I realised what I'd done, as I'd only bought it this morning. Before I could phone the airline to ask if they had found it, Izabella, from Virgin Blue, called to let me know that it was safely at Baggage Services. I'll be able to pick it up on my way back to Canberra tomorrow evening. That's really good service.

Tomorrow looks like being another hectic day. I want to run around the creek. I'll have to do that early to beat the heat. After that, I'll head over to the gym to pick up my 25 points. I plan to do a strength training session. I'll then dash off to Werribee to pick up my niece and two of my nephews. I'm taking them to see the Dragon Parade in Chinatown. We're meeting Erika there at 11:45 am. It was her suggestion (a) to go, and (b) to bring the kids. I wouldn't have thought of it. Thank goodness she did! Janet kindly suggested that I remember hats and water. You can tell she's the experienced aunty of the family.

I have to drop some stuff off over at Lan's, so I'll see if I can do that on the way to get the kids. I didn't manage to get across to see Sandra's new house, so I'll have to do that the next time that I'm down.

I love having the energy to do all this stuff!


Celeste said...

Sounds like your motivation is sky high at the moment!!

You make your runs sound so easy! An 8 min k is still hard work for me. When does it become easier???

Kathy said...

Hi Celeste, I am feeling really motivated at the moment.

I think you're streets ahead of me with your running, so I just assumed you'd find an 8 min k easy. I don't know that I'm finding it easy, but I do know what makes it easier for me to do. It's stuff my personal trainer told me.

First of all, I concentrate on breathing out and let breathing in take care of itself. I also breathe out for longer than I breathe in (eg 2 paces in, 4 paces out). I've no idea if I'm breathing the right way, but I seem to be able to manage my breathing better now.

The second thing I do is tell myself to get through the first ten minutes. If I can do that, the rest will be easy. It's something to do with the body changing the way that it breathes. It was all too technical for me when I was being told (I was struggling along trying to run at the time) but I clung to the "survive the first ten mins" idea.

The third thing is to keep my abs strong. Mind you, my trainer tells me that with every exercise I do. I even hear her when I'm running on my own. "Stomach!"

I do know that the interval training on the treadmill has helped increase my cardio fitness by leaps and bounds.

What I'm working on at the moment is trying to relax my shoulders. I have a tendency to hunch, which makes it harder to breathe. I heard that if I keep my elbows down my shoulders will come with them.

Hope this helps.