Sunday, 18 February 2007

Hot in Melbourne

It's been a really hot day and I'm a little sunburnt.

I decided to pass on the run around the creek. I found myself not sleeping last night and this morning, trying to work out how I was going to manage my clothes for today. One of the problems with having lost so much weight is that I don't have a lot of clothes. I didn't pack enough gym clothes for two gym visits and a run, and I didn't pack anything suitable for wearing in today's heat. Anyway, part of the solution was to skip the run. I didn't skip the gym visit as I earned points for that.

I headed off to the gym for my strength session, and it all went well. They had a lot of the same equipment, which made it easy for me to do part of my program, but the space was much more crowded. There were lots of people at the gym this morning. It's interesting being at a different branch of the same gym .. so much is familiar and so much is not.

After my shower, I decided to go with the jeans even though they were forecasting temps over 40. They looked better with my sleeveless top. If I hadn't been desperate for clothes, I wouldn't have been seen dead in this outfit, because I felt like my stomach looked enormous. However, I know that people go out with all their flab hanging out, so I gritted my teeth and decided I could survive the day. When I picked up Michael, my sister, Lynda, told me I looked better and better every time she saw me. I decided that maybe I was imagining the size of my stomach. Of course, maybe she was being kind!

My niece decided that it was going to be too hot, so Mike and I headed off to get Simon. The three of us met up with Erika in town and ventured off to the Chinese Museum to the start of the parade. Well, we thought it would be the start of the parade. It just seemed to take forever to start!!! I managed to get sunburnt. Now, a tan will make me look healthier, but I'm not sure about peeling skin. Thank goodness we were wearing hats! The kids had sunscreen on, thanks to their mothers.

Michael and Simon were thrilled to see the dragons. Erika and I were amazed that the people inside them didn't expire from the heat. All in all, it was a successful excursion.

All I have to do now is pack all my dirty gym clothes and hope that airport security don't decide they need to check something in my bag. They did last time, which was slightly embarrassing, as I had to take all my washing out of my bag to reach the suspicious electric beater that I'd bought.

Airport update

Fortunately, no need to unpack my bag, although the guy on the scanner did look at it carefully.

Weight loss update

Weighed myself today on "the" scales, and I'm 0.4 kg heavier than my lightest weight recently. I was a little disappointed, as it meant that I'd put on more weight in January than I'd thought. However, from now on all my progress is going forward rather than recovering lost ground. I certainly feel good in my clothes.

Oh, those shorts that I thought wouldn't fit me - they fit me. They look really good. I'll have to get out the other size 14 shorts (I did some optimistic shopping before Christmas) and see if I'm into them too. Yay!

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