Wednesday, 7 February 2007

Still going strong

Day three and I managed my two visits to the gym. It took some organising this afternoon, as I had been invited to dinner by David and Helen. Fortunately, David kindly dropped me near the gym early, and I managed to get a visit in before heading out to his place.

This morning I was better organised, and managed half an hour on the treadmill before showering at the gym and catching the bus. I did the aerobic training program, which involved walking up and down hills at 5.6 km / hour. It certainly kept my heart rate up and I felt like I'd really put in a good effort.

I did my usual walking on the way to work, and felt great when I got there. A little tired physically, but mentally refreshed.

When David mentioned that dinner would be at around six I had a moment's panic about getting in my afternoon session at the gym, but I quickly realised I had plenty of hours up for the week, and could afford to leave work at four. Because David dropped me near the Canberra Centre, I finally went and bought some new running shoes. It's about time. I've covered a lot of distance in my old shoes.

I did another interval run on the treadmill this afternoon. I increased the intensity and was running comfortably for 15 mins (5.6 / 9.5). I eased up for the next 5 mins (5.6), then went back to an interval run (5.6 / 8.0) for the next ten minutes. I felt great when I finished.

Dinner at David and Helen's was fabulous. Helen knows that I'm working hard on my weight, as is David. We had grilled salmon and a mixed salad, with cheese and nibbles beforehand and a lovely fruit platter with a fruit dip to die for afterwards. Great food, good conversation. It was a terrific end to a lovely day.

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Kaz said...

Hey you, you are inspiring me - I thought I was doing well at the gym, but hey, you are leaving me behind. I wish we were in the same place so we could push each other along. Not sure I can do the running thing though, the knees definitely cannot handle it. Keep up the good work - can't wait until Fernwood Darwin do the challenge, they are talking about doing it around March - well thats it, I must get to the gym more regularly.... take care!