Thursday, 22 February 2007

The best laid plans ..

Everything was going really well until I went to get my Body Jam pass. The class wasn't on as the instructor was sick! I hadn't thought about external influences being able to take me off track. They did offer a replacement class - Body Attack or Body Pump, but I decided to wimp out and head to the supermarket. After all, good eating is part of my overall progress.

Speaking of overall progress, I'm not sure that progress is the word this week. I had my weigh in today and I weighed 0.5 kg more! I'd be upset, except that (a) I had just had a bottle of water while doing my cardio session, (b) I know I'm eating well and exercising hard, and (c) my clothes are getting looser. I know that the scales don't mean anything today. Amusingly, today's weight was the same as my "official" early morning bathroom scales in Melbourne weight. That doesn't happen often.

This morning I did light weights. I didn't do the whole session, as I ran out of time, but I was happy with what I did do. I think I'll put weights into the evening sessions from now on, so that I don't keep cutting them short. This evening, I did the mixed cardio, although I only did 5 minutes on the rower. I did a 40 min session all up, including the elliptical trainer, the stepper and the treadmill.

I then walked to the supermarket and did some much needed shopping. Not sure how washing powder and toilet paper are going to help with making sensible food choices, but they needed carrying home, which is all exercise.

Tomorrow I'm going to run in the morning. No idea how far now .. I'm thinking that half an hour is my base time and an average of 7.5 km/h is my base speed. All I have to do is keep improving on that. In the evening I'm having a pedicure with Kerry, so I'll have to make sure I only spend half an hour at the gym. I figure I'll do some cardio, but I don't know what. I'll try to mix it up.

Oh, and I'm going to book in to do an RPM session on Saturday.

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Celeste said...

I remember when I was without a car for about six months and I had to walk to the supermarket, or ride my bike. Sure it was good exercise I guess but I couldn't buy potatoes and washing powder on the same day. Made me think about what I was buying and plan the shop a bit more. Then got the car back and I got lazy again. Hmmmm - might try that car-less thing again. As you say it's all exercise.