Tuesday, 6 February 2007

Off to a good start

Day two, and I made it to the gym before and after work, as planned. Not only that, but I was leaving the house with no intention of coming home before 10:15 pm, so I had to pack my work clothes and another set of gym clothes. I wanted to be at the gym when it opened at 6:00 am but all sorts of things held me up. I was pleased though because I made it there by 6:15 am. I wasn't sure how long it would take me to get showered etc at the gym, so I did an interval run for 20 minutes, warmed down, and then stretched. I was walking out of the gym at 7:00 am so it didn't take as long as I expected.

The run was really comfortable again, so I'm going to have to push myself harder now. My knee was fine, which is great after the warning signs last night. I am sure that if I hadn't gone to the gym when I did, that my knees would have been ruined from carrying so much weight. When I get these twinges, it reminds me that I've really made a positive difference to my life by getting fit and losing weight.

This evening, I decided to do my strength training. I normally wouldn't do it the day after P/T, but I didn't work very hard yesterday. I avoided lunges because of my knee, and chose to do leg extensions and leg curls instead. The leg extensions are great for my knee. I then did the rest of my old program. It felt great, but I'm definitely ready for a new challenge.

I had a great day at work today. I had lots of energy and was in a great mood all day. I didn't start to run out of energy until I was coming home from Trivia tonight. In fact, it's taken a real effort of will to sit down and write today's entry. Mind you, I had to stay up for a while, as I needed to wash some sports clothes. One problem with going to the gym so often is the speed at which I use up my gym outfits. Still, it's a perfect excuse for buying some more .. in a smaller size!!!!

I taped the first two weeknight episodes of Biggest Loser and I have it on in the background at the moment. I can see I'll be watching them again, as I'm not paying enough attention to the screen. The bits I've seen look really interesting. I find watching these people work hard at losing weight inspires me.

Well, off to bed .. so I can get up tomorrow morning and do the gym thing all over again.

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