Tuesday, 6 March 2007

Sore today

Did I say I was having fun last night? Did I mention that I was doing one legged fitball squats? Did I happen to remark that my glutes and quads were burning at the end of the exercise? Yes, no and I don't think so.

It's time I reconsidered this whole "good pain" approach to health and fitness.

Seriously, I'm a little sore today, but I'm really pleased that I was able to
(a) do the fun weights session and
(b) survive the Body Pump class.
I am just feeling it a little today.

I was tired when I woke up this morning. I managed to get myself organised and to the gym on auto pilot, where I had one of those "everything seemed to go wrong" mornings. I decided to cycle instead of use the treadmill. The first bike I chose didn't have the footstraps. The second bike had a broken drink holder. The third bike's display screen didn't work. I gave up then and headed off to the treadmill.

I started a "Fat Burner", Level 8, 6 km/h session, and lasted a whole two and a half minutes before deciding that gradient was a step too far this morning. I dialled the machine back to plain walking. After leaving the gym I was early for the bus so I added on another 10 mins of walking around Civic. I felt quite virtuous in a "I've just been to the gym instead of sleeping in" kind of way as I walked around town.

This evening I had my usual rushed workout between work and trivia. I didn't try to get to the run as it would simply stress me and I'd only get 25 points for it, which I'd get at the gym without the additional stress. Mind you, the gym was chaos when I arrived .. lots of women, no lockers .. the run was starting to look really good.

When I did get to my exercise session, I decided to do an interval run, as I wasn't at the other run. I started off at 6 / 11 km/h for 20 mins. I managed two 11 km/h intervals before dialling it back to 10. It was really too fast for me for too long. I was proud of myself for keeping on going at 10, as I was really tempted to drop right back to a walk. I finished off the half hour by walking the last ten minutes at 6 km/h.

I managed to get showered and changed in time to get to Trivia before it started. That was an effort in itself. As usual, it was well worth the effort. We didn't repeat our winning form, coming fifth, but we had a good time. The quiz master was much quicker tonight too, which made it a more pleasant evening.

I did well with my food. I'm glad I thought about it last night as I think it was particularly important today. I seemed to be hungry for much of the day. My body probably wanted protein to repair all the muscles I shocked last night. I managed to make good food choices all day, and skipped the chocolate mud cake at trivia completely. It seems to be getting easier all the time to do the right thing as far as food is concerned.

Well, it's time for me to go to bed to do the rest part of the recovery session. I'm going to be resting with enthusiasm tonight.


Celeste said...

You are getting fairly speedy now!! Amazing feeling, eh? I haven't been game enough to try "speed" on a treadmill. 10km/h sounds very fast!

Kaz said...

Well hello, I have to tell you, you have motivated me. I have joined the 12 week challenge too! I lost .3k this week (1st wk), and have been working hard at trying to increase my cardio fitness. Apparently I am very strong for lifting weights etc, but cardio is lousy. I had my PT this morning at 9a and then did a pump class at 9.30a - got to say I was a little wacked after that.

Well done to you, you are amazing, keep up the good work. And if you have any tips or tricks, I would love to hear them! You go girl...