Thursday, 8 March 2007

Great Day

The day got off to a really good start. It was pretty normal to begin with. I did all the usual 'get myself to the gym' stuff, managed another 15 mins on the bike, followed by 10 mins of walking and then decided to miss the bus today, and did my stretches. After I'd showered, I bumped into one of my black team team mates. That's when the day moved from ordinary to excellent.

We were chatting about the fitness challenge and she mentioned she played hockey. Now hockey is one of my things. I started playing when I was 7 and played through into my 30s. Now that I'm fit again, I've been thinking about playing veteran's hockey. I just hadn't worked out whether I'd play in Canberra or in Melbourne.

Well, now I know there's a social veteran's comp on Saturday mornings, starting in a few weeks. My commuting won't be a problem. I can even borrow a hockey stick. I am feeling really excited about getting back into it. There's a vets carnival this weekend, so I'm going to try to get down there at some stage. I've booked so much into this weekend that it might not be possible.

Work went well, and I got to the gym after the usual rush. It's been so hectic there that I gave it an extra 15 mins to calm down! I had a 20 min interval run 6 / 10, then my slim session, where I got measured, and then body jam. I lost 0.5 kg according to the Fernwood scales, and 19 cm in four weeks, which is great. Measuring my waist is hilarious. My tummy keeps changing shape, which means my belly button moves around a lot. I feel sorry for the poor woman who tries to work out where my waist is. She really has to work hard.

Body Jam was a lot of fun. I am finding some of the steps a little easier to do but I'm still struggling with my right and my left.

I'm planning to do a little more running tomorrow morning, followed by weights in the evening. On Saturday, I'm hoping to get to RPM. I might see if I can manage to get myself out of bed to go for a run on Sunday morning. I'd quite like to see what it's like running bridge to bridge at Lake Burley Griffin, which I've been told is about 5 km.

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