Friday, 2 March 2007

At least I'm fit enough to run for the bus

Our afternoon bus driver keeps arriving early! I had to jog down the driveway to catch the bus the other day. Not the most comfortable activity when not wearing a sports bra. Yesterday he was 5 mins early, so a quick walk was needed from the gate to the bus stop. Today, I was taking no chances. Not only was I there in plenty of time, I was wearing a sports bra too. The bus was 5 mins early again. Personally, I'd rather it was late than early, as there's a half hour wait for the next bus.

This morning's gym session was the gentle cardio I'd promised myself, 20 mins of Aerobic Training on the treadmill, followed by a 5 min walk and 5 mins of stretching.

This evening, I did my weights session as planned. I got through the whole thing in 40 mins, which is good. There were a lot of people in the gym, as the pink team were doing their group fitness session, but there was plenty of space for me to do my program. I was a little concerned at first, as they took up the weights area last week, but they were doing different activities this time. It looked like a lot of fun - hard work though.

Tomorrow, I fly down to Melbourne in the morning, then head to the gym before going shopping with Erika. I think I'll do a run tomorrow morning, and weights on Sunday morning at the gym. On Sunday, if there's time, I might do a class. I won't have time for that tomorrow. If I get motivated enough, I'll go for a run around the creek. I won't have the same excuse I had last time I was home in Deer Park, because I've packed enough gym gear for two visits and the run.

The other thing I want to do this weekend is put in my entry form for the fun run on 1st April. Once that's in, I'm officially committed.

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Celeste said...

I agree with entering the races and being "committed"! You can't back out then - there's some sort of moral obligation to persevere! But it's fun with the anticipation too.

I desperately want to register for the half marathon in Bunbury in May so that I am "committed" too, but there is no registration yet. I have to wait. It's just not real to me unless I've committed to it.