Saturday, 10 March 2007

RPM today

I managed to get myself to the RPM class today. I was quite looking forward to it, in a "this is going to hurt but I'll feel good at the end" kind of way. I found the class much easier today, even though my quads were burning for much of it. I'm breathing a lot better.

There were quite a few black team members scoring points for the team at the gym this morning, which is great. We're looking forward to rock climbing on Monday too.

I also did a treadmill warm up before RPM, the "Aerobic Training" session at 5.6 km/h on level 8.

After the gym, I headed off to meet up with some friends for a coffee. We walked around the new Canberra Centre as well, so I ended up getting some exercise. I'm going to have an afternoon nap now. I'm worn out!

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Celeste said...

Don't you love weekends? I always manage to find time for a nann nap myself!