Thursday, 22 March 2007

Boxing is such fun

I never knew how satisfying it was to hit things hard until I did my first boxing session a few months ago. Boxing is a great workout. I know it combines cardio and strength training but the thing I like best about it is the punching. I'm not really sure why I like it so much. It's not as though I have any stress to work out or anybody I'm upset with. I don't go imagining faces in front of me. I just like the feeling I get when I hit hard. Maybe it's the sense of strength it gives me.

Today's personal training session was a blast. It started off with some nasty quad exercises. Leanne was "taking care of my ankle" for me. I was wishing I hadn't mentioned that it was sore, as it's just about better now! After that, I got to practise punching. Hmm, maybe I did have some aggression to work off after all. Those quad exercises were mean and Leanne was holding up the pads. *evil smile*

I'm punching a lot harder than I did a few months ago, which is really satisfying. It's partly that my core is stronger, and partly that my technique is better. I love the sound the gloves make when you connect properly.

Along with all the various types of punching, I did some squats and lunges. My legs really know that they had a workout tonight. My ankle is perfectly fine, which is a relief. Instead of the usual run, Leanne got me on the bike. I usually choose level 6 but she dialled up level 10, and when I was handling that she pushed it up to level 15. I think I've been underestimating how hard I should be working on my own. When we did the abs work at the end, Leanne was really pleased with my progress. Of course, progress is measured by her giving me harder exercises to do. Tonight it was reverse crunches. I couldn't have done these with my tummy in the way twelve months back, but now I can. It's a great feeling. Well, it's a great feeling apart from the pain!

This morning I did an easy walk again, as planned, and this evening, I ventured back onto the bike. I managed to get to my slim session, and my weight stayed the same, which was terrific, as it was an evening weight this time, so I have really lost the 40 kgs. I didn't get to hip hop, as my p/t session was later than originally planned. By the time I'd stretched, the class had started. I looked in, to see if I'd be able to join in a little late, but it looked quite intimidating. Ok, they were down on the floor. That immediately made it too hard for me!

I think I'll be able to test my ankle out with a run tomorrow morning and I'll do a weights session in the evening. I'm off to Melbourne on Saturday, so I'll have to get myself across to Yarraville in the afternoon. It's going to be too hard in the morning as I have the all-important hair appointment. Theoretically, I should be able to get to the gym in the morning, but while I love my hairdresser to bits, he has no understanding of the concept of speed!

I'm hanging out to do another run around the creek on Sunday morning. I want to see how much I've improved. One of my sisters kindly took some "before" photos of me at the beginning of the fitness challenge, and they are still on the pc in Melbourne. I must take the same outfit down there, and see how much I've changed shape. I found a top in my wardrobe that I thought I'd given away, so I'm going to try it on to see how baggy it is. I know it's too big, but I'm still looking forward to seeing that it's too big.

I still have the gym gear I wore when I first went to the gym. The top was too tight then, but it was the only exercise gear I owned that came close to fitting me at the time. I've hung on to the tracksuit pants so I can do one of those photos people do where they hold out their big pants to show how much weight they've lost. Of course, I'll probably never get the photo taken, but I have the outfit, just in case!

Well, tonight's blog entry has gone all over the place. I'd better quit now or who knows where it will end up!


Andrew(ajh) said...

Funny story about boxing class from me. I have a friend called Ken who I've met through the gym. He is probably 10+ years older than me. We decided to do a boxing class together (hadn't done one before) as a part of a monthly challenge at our gym where they get you to do 25+ different activities in the month. Anyway, when we start the class (in pairs), the instructor asks us if we've boxed before. I said no, but much to my surprise Ken says "I was Victorian State Champion when I was younger". OMG - did I get a work out when I was holding the hand pads, or the bag for him. More of a workout than when I was punching!
I relate to your before/after thoughts too. I've actually been thinking of adding a before/after page to my blog.

Beakus said...

I used to love kickboxing (not quite the same, I know), so I can totally understand the hitting things hard side of boxing :o) and yep, it is a great workout. I haven't done it since I moved over here, but you've inspired me to investigate... :oD

Congrats on such an amazing weightloss, you must be so incredibly proud of yourself.

Hope your run was okay - it's beastly hot and horrid out there... really does nothing for my running mojo! :o/


Sarah said...

Kathy, I love boxing too!! I love that I'm actually able to hit something hard!! And that I'm co-ordinated enough to be able to do it!! It's one of my favourite activities and I don't think I'll ever get bored of it.

I'd love to see a before and after pic ... if you're comfortable posting one - it's so great to see the change in people.

I'm always surprised at how much more a PT can get out of me than I can do on my own! They're worth the money I reckon.