Sunday, 25 March 2007

Twice around the creek

I made it around the creek twice today! According to Map My Run that's 6.48 km. That's the furthest I've run without stopping, so I'm feeling very proud of myself. Not only was it further, it was also faster. I made it around the first time in 22:39 and finished in 46:01. That's roughly 7 mins per km.

I started out concentrating on lifting my feet and made an effort not to go too fast at the beginning. It seemed really easy, and I ended up at my first marker ahead of my usual time, so I don't think I did too well on "going slower at the start". As I was running that first bit I thought heard someone behind me. I kept expecting them to pass me, but they didn't so I thought maybe I'd imagined their existence. When I got to the bridge, I was able to look back, and there was another runner there. I still expected him to pass me. I got to the next point where I could see how far he was behind me and he was further behind! That's never happened to me before. I was feeling all the excitement I think Celeste must have felt when she passed her jogger.

The route around the creek isn't completely flat, so I got to run up and down a few tiny hills. I followed the arm pumping, leaning forward advice from the Chi Running book going up and I let gravity take me down. Usually when I'm running down a hill I hold myself up and try to get my breath back. This time, I felt like I was flying down the hills. It was great fun. I was wishing the hills were bigger!

I was amazed by how much faster my time was too. The last time I ran around the creek it took me 24:30 and I got to the point where I stopped (approx 5.5 km according to my map run) in 41:44. Today the first lap was nearly 2 mins faster and I reached the 5.5 km mark in 39:10. I thought I was going much more slowly the second time around. It was a little slower, but it was nowhere near as slow as I thought it was.

I passed on going to the gym this morning. I realised that I was going to struggle to get there and back before my brother arrived, and I figured I'd already done more work than I'd planned on my run, so I gave myself a day off. I'll make up the points tomorrow evening by doing a class.

After having a coffee with my mum, Jim and I set off to the shopping centre. We ambled over and back, taking an hour to do the whole walk. It was only about three and a half kms, but we were busy chatting and ensuring that my nephew, Simon, looked carefully in all directions when crossing the road. It was a lovely walk and didn't feel like exercise at all. Mind you, I've had an afternoon nap! I was exhausted.

Jim's looking terrific and he tells me that his knee is getting a lot better too. I didn't rub it in about being able to run when he can't, but I was bubbling over with enthusiasm about my progress.

Something beginning with T

Isabelle posted a letter meme the other day. Her letter was G and she wrote about a number of G words that mean something to her. I loved reading her post about her Girls, Giggles, Granny, Green, Gardens, Golden Daffodils and Grand Designs, so I put my name up for a random letter. Isabelle allocated me the letter T. If any of you would like to do this, let me know and I'll send you a letter via a comment in your blog.


I've always valued and admired teachers. In fact, many years ago I was a high school maths teacher. I was very lucky with some of my teachers. I imagine that having a student who simply raced through the syllabus must have been a challenge for them, but these teachers, mainly women, worked out how to keep challenging me, found me extension work to do to keep me interested in school, and instilled in me a lifelong love for helping others to learn.

I loved teaching maths. It was so rewarding to see students suddenly understand what it was that they were trying to achieve. The decision to leave teaching came as a total shock to me, but when I made it, after a series of stress related illnesses during a time of government cutbacks and worsening work conditions, it ended up being one of the best things I'd ever done for myself. Every once in a while I think about returning to teaching, but I look at the salary I now earn doing a much less stressful job and realise that it's a nice daydream but it's not going to happen.

Fortunately for me, I've discovered that it doeesn't matter what job I do, I can still teach. I love being able to help people discover their potential and become more than they knew they could be.


Television plays such a large role in our lives. I remember watching "Adventure Island" when I was young. My mother made me a heart shaped apron just like my heroine Lisa. I wanted to be Lisa when I grew up and I treasured that apron. I had a "Mr Doo-bee" jumping ball, and I remember seeing the first episode of "Sesame Street" when it screened in Australia - it was Janet's 5th birthday. My father used to appear in television ads, in crazy dress up with his boss, singing and dancing. He was also asked to sing Irish songs on the local afternoon show every St Patrick's Day. I loved "Doctor Who" and "MASH" and I really enjoy the new "Doctor Who" and "Torchwood" series.

Funnily enough, since I started my journey to being a fitter and healthier person, I watch a lot less television. I try to see "The Biggest Loser" as I find that show inspirational, but there's not much else I'm watching at the moment, unless it happens to be on DVD. That's not to say that the television is never on - it's great company as background noise when I'm writing up my blog.


I love my personal training sessions. I never saw myself as someone who would be an enthusiastic exerciser, so I knew I needed my trainer to push me to work hard. I've had three personal trainers help me on my journey, Kelly, Sarah and Leanne, and all three have been wonderful. Kelly trained the unfit, unhealthy version of me, and introduced me to the idea of "good pain". Sarah taught me to set long term goals. Leanne is encouraging me to find out what it is that I'm capable of achieving.


I love to talk. If talking was an Olympic sport I could talk for Australia! When I was living in Melbourne I was a member of Toastmasters. I love public speaking.

My family are high intensity communicators. If you were at our place when we're all there, you'd be amazed that there can be so many conversations going on at once, and that people can be actively participating in more than one at a time. You can always be assured of being listened to at our place, as we see listening as an important part of talking. We love story telling and enjoy hearing all our old favourites at family occasions. It's great when we have family or friends visit from Ireland, as all the old stories come out again for another airing.


It's just as well that I like travel, as I travel from Melbourne to Canberra for work on a fortnightly basis. I love flying. The novelty may have worn off, but I still enjoy the sensation of taking off and landing.

Travel overseas is tremendous fun, and I don't do it nearly enough. My last big trip was to Ireland and England in 2003 with my favourite sister, Janet. We went over for my Uncle Jack's 80th birthday. My next trip is to the Gold Coast in May, again with family. I'm looking forward to that one, particularly to being on the beach in my swimmers. When I reach my goal weight I'm going to reward myself with a trip to Broome. I've always wanted to go there.


Celeste said...

Holy cow woman! Smokin'!!! Sounds like the running bug has bitten - and hard!! Remind me not to go for a run with you - you'll leave me for dead in no time!!!! You must have absolutely zoomed home those last few k! (Great feeling, eh??)

Sarah said...

Sounds like a great run Kathy. I need to do a little reading about technique etc I think.

I loved reading your 'T' things - feel free to send me a random letter!!

I can relate to all of your 'T' things. I'm trained as a teacher, love t.v (but seem to watch a lot less these days), love my training too. I talk too much, but oddly enough it's to cover my shyness (go figure?!), love to travel - can't wait until the kids are a bit older and we can all go together.

thanks for sharing - it's nice to get a little more insight into someone you read about!

Oh, I'm signed up at calorie king - I've just been slack and should get back into filling in my diary - I get a bit anal about not getting the green ticks though as I don't eat back all my exercise cals!!! I never seem to be able to eat enough (unless I have a blowout!).

Gina E. said...

Hi Kathy,
I discovered you while cruising on Isabelle's blog in Scotland. You mentioned being a member of Toastmasters when you were in Melbourne. Do you mind me asking when and where? If it was in the past 18 years, we probably met at some stage! Last year I reluctantly quit Diamond Valley TM club after 18 years, for health reasons. But the best thing about Toastmasters is that you can rejoin anytime or anywhere, and who knows? I might do that one day!

Isabelle said...

Enjoyed your Ts, Kathy. I could have done with you as a maths teacher - mine ruled by terror and my brain froze when she was in the room - not conduicive to learning! She died quite recently; she must have been ancient, since I'm 56 and I thought she was about 100 when I had her. (Only the good die young.)Hmm... terror... that begins with T too.

Andrew(ajh) said...

Hey Kathy, I'm not sure if I'm imagining it or not, but do I see the start of "I'll go for a run instead of the gym" trend with you. That is what happened to me a while back, almost ditched the gym in favour of running. Please send me a letter, I'll think of some words, just don't make it an X or Z or similar though!

lg said...

Woo hoo Kathy! That's fantastic - you've got to be proud of that effort! 7 km's - you're flying lady!!!!