Tuesday, 20 March 2007

Back into my routine

The long weekend is over and it's situation normal again. Amazingly, I found myself missing the gym last night. I didn't get a sudden surge of energy and run off to do some exercise - but I did find myself at a bit of a loose end in the evening. Maybe I'm developing a habit that will outlast the fitness challenge!

This morning I was up bright and early and was at the gym 5 mins after the door opened. There were all these women there before me .. and it seemed really busy today. I think it might have been because I was there before the morning class started for a change. I don't usually see all those women arrive at the gym.

I did half an hour on the treadmill this morning, 20 mins of Fat Burner at 6 km/h, level 6 and then 10 mins of just walking at 6 km/h. I made sure I did my stretches. That's one of the benefits of getting to the gym early, plenty of time to stretch.

This evening I did an interval run - 6 / 10.6 km/hr for 15 mins, followed by 5 mins at 6, then stretching. Had to cut it short, as had to get to trivia. Our trivia team managed to come 2nd tonight, which was pretty good.

Tomorrow, I'm planning to do a weights session if I get to the gym early enough. If I'm late, I'll do some cardio. After work I'm playing squash, and I'll finish off at the gym with some gentle treadmill walking. I'm usually pretty tired after squash. It's that competitive nature of mine, and I have some ground to make up after last week.

On Thursday, I have my p/t - moved from Monday, and I'll be doing Body Pump as well. The Body Jam instructor will be away and they have real trouble trying to find a replacement. I quite like Pump, so I don't mind as much as if they were replacing it with Attack.

I'll be in Melbourne this weekend, so I'm missing out on RPM. I'll have to find out which morning they do a studio cycle class and get myself to that. I quite like the RPM now that I've got my breathing sorted.

It's great to be back into a routine.


MorseyRuns said...

I feel so unco when I do Body Jam- I can't look at myself in the mirror in case I run out of the class screaming- but pump is definitely have a great effect on my arms!

Celeste said...

I know what you mean about routine. I need to know where I'm going and when, or for some reason I fluff around and can't get organised.

Sarah said...

Kathy - are you normally at the gym this much??? Or is it just during the challenge? Makes me feel guilty I'm not doing enough every time I read your blog!!!

I love my spin class too - funny how I've grown to love something I absolutely hated at first! :)