Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Pool running, weights and yoga

Today was a big exercise day, partly to make up for Monday. I think I had the exercise equivalent of 'analysis paralysis' yesterday. On the way home from work I was trying to decide between riding my bike, going for a run and heading to the gym to do weights. It all became too hard and I ended up doing nothing. Luckily I had made a pool running 'date' with Sally, which got me out of bed this morning.

It was chilly on the ride to the pool - the effect of daylight saving I guess. The water was colder too. I guess we'll acclimatise fairly soon. One benefit was that our lane was empty when we got there, so we were able to run beside each other and chat during the warm up. We did a ladder session today. It was a good workout.

After yesterday's effort, I decided to take my gym gear with me to work. I had time to do a weights session before yoga. I started off with lunges on the Smith machine. My left knee handled the 10 kg warm up, so I increased the weight to 15 kg for the second set. I was really pleased when I got through that set without any problems. My knee was a little tired but there was no pain at all.

I moved on to the leg extension machine. I didn't increase the weight as I've been trying to maintain control through the whole range of motion. My left leg was really shaking by the end of the second set. Hamstring curls on the fitball came next. I'm definitely getting the hang of these. I'm also managing to balance on the duradisc for longer.

For the chest press I started off with a warm up set of 15 reps at 10 kg, with fitball pushups in between then I increased the weight to 15 kg. I was able to squeeze out 10 reps on my own. I realised later that I forgot to do the second set of fitball pushups. I increased the weight for the biceps and triceps exercise, and I skipped the abs work as I was going to do the yoga class.

Tonight we mainly stretched. I found myself cramping a few times, which was irritating as it meant I had to come out of the poses. I have been drinking plenty of water so I think I must need some magnesium or potassium in my diet. I am seeing steady improvement in my flexibility which I'm really happy about.

All in all a good day's exercise.


kathrynoh said...

My yoga teacher told me to take magnesium salt tablets to help with the cramping. Dunno if they work or not though cos i just carry them around and forget to take them!

Andrew(ajh) said...

I take a magnesium supplement every day, have done since I had a week of really nasty cramps earlier in the year - none since.

Spark Driver said...

Sounds like a good day. I wish I had that energy again.