Saturday, 6 October 2007

Relaxation massage and pool running

This morning I had a relaxation massage. It was pleasant but there were times when the pressure was painful rather than relaxing. I am such a princess! I asked for a light touch, and that's pretty much what I got, except for my legs. I think the massage therapist couldn't resist the temptation to apply more pressure by then. If I ever need a therapeutic massage I'll have to be under a general anaesthetic at the time. I haven't booked another one - I'm going to wait to see whether or not I end up with bruises.

I've been really sore today. I don't know if it's pool running or Friday's PT, but I ache a lot. I'm walking around the place like I'm an old person. I decided to walk down to the pool for my pool running session, just to stretch out my muscles. I wore my HRM and my heart rate was quite high for walking. I felt fine, apart from the achy muscles, so I was surprised it was so high. Maybe my HRM is reading my heart rate incorrectly.

Sally and I did a slightly different program today. It was a 5 min warm up, followed by 6 intervals of 2.5 mins plus a 30 sec recovery, and then a 5 min cool down. Even though I was sore I worked hard. Having the HRM made it easier for me to see that I was making enough effort. I also got that "hot in the water" sensation that is so weird. I was really pleased with the session. I'm tired now though. I'm going to have to go to bed for a nap!


jojo said...

i did that session a couple of days ago... it is a tough one... oh and no i do not save muncipal workers..BG.. lol

LBTEPA said...

Thanks for the comment :)
I just feel VERY strongly about equal opportunity in sport and also about creating opportunities for women who would otherwise struggle with having a go in this type of event (ie older/bigger women)
thanks again :)