Tuesday, 23 October 2007


Don't laugh. I missed pool running today because I couldn't find my house keys.

Seriously, don't laugh.

Ever since I locked myself out of the apartment I am really careful about making sure I have my building pass and my keys before I head anywhere on the bike. Today, the pass was in its usual place, on the kitchen bench, but the keys were nowhere to be found. I looked everywhere, including going through the rubbish in case I'd knocked them into the bin. I went through all the various places I might have put them, searching my handbag, my backpack, the bedroom, the bathroom, the laundy and the fridge. Yes, searching the fridge was a little desperate. Finally, I found them. On the kitchen bench. Where they were supposed to be.

Ok, you can laugh.

Someone had covered them with a teatowel. That same someone had been so sure that the teatowel hadn't been moved (it appeared to be lying flat on the bench, where it had been ever since it had been used as a heat proof mat on Friday night) that she never looked under it even though she'd moved just about everything else within a two metre radius.

I decided that riding to work would be a good way to make up for my missed exercise session, but I realised that I'd be leaving my bike at work for a couple of days before I could ride it home again. Now my bike would probably be perfectly safe there, but I'm not quite ready to take that chance. I was offsite at a workshop this afternoon and I'm in Melbourne tomorrow, so I figured that riding would have to wait until later in the week.

I then planned to go to the gym early before yoga. Normally I go home to change before yoga, but I carted my gym gear with me today. It wasn't until I was on my way home that I remembered that I needed my yoga mat. I trekked home and checked my email before walking back to the gym. I'm glad I did as there was an invitation to birthday drinks waiting for me. I decided that was more important than half an hour on a cardio machine so I promptly headed off to drinks. :-)

Of course I stayed longer at drinks than I originally planned, so I had to rush to the gym. After a quick detour to buy an OzLotto ticket, I made it to yoga with seconds to spare. I'm so glad the class before has a tendency to run late. I'd hate to miss out on my chance to be a multimillionaire, however infinitesimal it may be!

Yoga was as enjoyable as ever. I'm so bad at it, but I can see steady progress. One advantage of having lots of room for improvement is that there's lots of room for improvement. An added incentive for persisting with Yoga is that I know the stretches are good for my running.

The Fernwood gym I go to has been sold to a franchisor so there will be a few changes. The gym is being renovated and we're supposed to be getting more classes. While I'm really pleased to hear about the extra classes I'm hoping that doesn't mean that we'll lose the yoga class. I'm also hoping that there's not a dramatic turnover of staff. I've heard mixed reports about the new owners. They already have two other Fernwood gyms in Canberra. I guess time will tell.


Andrew(ajh) said...

I do that with my keys all the time, and with my mobile phone. At least with the phone you can ring it and find it!

jojo said...

i wont laugh..in hte last couple months i have left my keys at school(and had to run 8.5kms to pick up car)only to find them on my desk next morning..dropped a key in the bin and also lost a full set of keys meaning my two good bike locks are now USELESS..i hate it when my keys play hide and seek