Monday, 15 October 2007

Girl Talk

This post has nothing to do with running or exercise. Instead, it's about my style consultation. I promised SC that I'd write her a testimonial so I'd better get my act into gear. Here goes ....

Today I looked great. I am able to say that with confidence because of my recent wardrobe makeover with Samantha of "Show Me The Style".

I've worn the clothes I had on today many times in the past but I can honestly say that I've never felt as good in them before. The transformation in my self-confidence is amazing. I walked out the door this morning knowing that I looked terrific.

The first and most important thing that I learned from Samantha was to dress for my shape. After losing 40 kg and toning up considerably at the gym, I had to relearn what suited me. Samantha showed me that choosing clothes that were the right style, colour and length for my body would help me to look good in all situations.

The wardrobe makeover involved three sessions. At the first one we went through my wardrobe together, getting rid of a few disaster items and sorting my clothes into groups. Samantha explained to me why certain styles worked better for me than others. I started to understand what it was about some of my favourite clothes that made me love them and why I avoided wearing other outfits. An added bonus was that my wardrobe was organised in such a way that I am able to quickly see what's there and decide what I'm going to wear each day.

During this session I learned to look at my clothes differently. Samantha helped me to see that the blouse I wore today would look fabulous with my olive suit. I discovered that wearing the matching belt, which I usually left in the cupboard, would emphasise my waistline. Samantha suggested that simple accessories such as earrings would make a huge difference as well. By the end of the session, even though I hadn't spent a cent on new clothes, I felt as though I'd gained several new outfits.

After reviewing my wardrobe and finding out more about my lifestyle, Samantha came up with a recommended shopping list for me. It included a mix of casual and business clothes, underwear, makeup, shoes and accessories. I worked out a budget and we went shopping. Shopping with Samantha was a relevation. To my amazement, even though we bought everything on the list, I spent less than half my budget.

It was a fabulous fun-filled three hours. I was amazed at how quickly we were able to find the clothes and accessories we wanted. Knowing what to look for saved so much time. Samantha kept me focussed on the list, giving me lots of additional information. I've since used her advice when shopping on my own.

With Samantha's encouragement I've learned to venture out in fashionable high heels instead of wearing flat granny shoes. I've rediscovered jewellery and am learning to wear makeup again. As fabulous outfits start with good foundations I now wear a flattering waist shaper that makes such a difference to the way my clothes sit.

After the shopping expedition Samantha helped me to integrate my new clothes with my existing wardrobe. She also showed me how to apply my makeup and then I got to dress up in various outfits. It was such fun!

Before the style consultation I would spend ages trying to work out what to wear and I would often feel frustrated because I felt as though things weren't quite right. Now, I make up my mind in a matter of minutes. I love getting dressed in the mornings!


Em said...

Cool, nothing boosts the self esteem more than looking sharp.

A style consultant would despair at me, I truly am "sporty spice" I need to be dragged kicking and screaming into girly clobber.

I saw you start the race on Sunday, I was stretching on the sidelines and enjoying the sun.

Andrew(ajh) said...

Kathy, I can also vouch for the leap in self-esteem that can occur from weight loss and being happy with your "new" body, but it sounds like the SC takes that to an entirely new level - do they work with blokes too :-)

Jaykay said...

I'm sure if a Style Consultant looked in my wardrobe they'd be shocked at how I just stuff everything on hangers and try to make it fit in there (I think I have too many clothes!!).

My clothes consist mainly of black or white and maybe a little bit of purple. I must start wearing some colour!