Saturday, 27 October 2007

Personal Training and Rest Day

I had my usual PT session on Friday morning. As ever, it was a lot of fun. After a warmup on the treadmill Krissi started me off on the leg press. She had me doing those short presses, the ones where you do the bottom half of the press and then the top half of the press. They are real killers.

After that it was chest presses. I did the warm up set with 10 kg on the bar and then Krissi loaded it up to 20 kg. That was so heavy. I didn't make it the whole way through the second set. In fact, I was all set to give up at seven but Krissi pushed me to do a few more to get to the point of failure. She got me there last week, which was the first time I'd experienced the feeling. Again she was explaining how to spot and she gave me a taste of what it feels like. Mind you, Krissi was only pretending to fail.

I did the hamstring curls again. They are getting easier but I was struggling by the end of the second set. After that we did Krissi's super abs exercise, which is a combination of leg lifts from the bench and planks. I lasted the 30 seconds for the plank on the two sets but it was hard work. We followed the combo up with crunches, three sets of 10, vanilla followed by crunches with my legs in the air followed by alternately reaching forward with hands. Thank goodness my half hour was up by then. I stretched and then raced home. It was a good workout.

Today all I've done exercise wise is go for a brief walk. Tomorrow I'm taking my niece and three of my nephews out running. They are all really excited. I saw them all today at a family birthday party. The change over to daylight saving has them quite entertained. Normally we go at 7:30 am but there was a little anxiety about that really being 6:30 am (teenagers!) so we've put it back to 8:30 am. I didn't tell them, but I'm one of the people who really struggle with losing an hour's sleep, so I'm quite happy with the new arrangement.

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jojo said...

its changed from you and two nephews to 3 nephews and a niece..your brothers and sisters must be ABSOLUTELY loving you :)