Tuesday, 9 October 2007

My Garmin is safe

Thanks for the crossed fingers and the hopeful comments. My Garmin is safe and sound. It was in the car. All I have to do now is be reunited with it. I was having an inward chuckle yesterday when I realised that I'd lost it before I'd even named it. Mind you, I'm not all that sure that I can relate to naming it.

This morning I was at the pool, running up and down in the slow lane. It was a lot busier than it has been for our other visits, but the people swimming in our lane seemed to cope with us being there. We weren't as chatty as usual as we were running in single file. We took turns at being in front, which seemed to make it easier. The session we did today was a ladder session. After the warmup we did 1 min hard, 1 min easy, 2 min hard, 1 min easy up to 4 mins and then back to 1 min before the cool down.

I rode my bike to the pool and back. I've begun to realise that cycling has gone from being hard exercise to being an easy commute. I think that's terrific. I'm still thinking about riding to work but I haven't made the final step yet.

Sal and I were wondering how tired we'd be at work today. We've done our other sessions after work or in the afternoon, and we'd both found that we were quite tired later that evening. I thought I was surviving well up until the moment that my boss told me I looked really tired. Mind you, my marathon session the night before may have contributed to the general sense of exhaustion.

This evening I went to Yoga. I thought about skipping it but I realised that the stretching would be particularly valuable today. It started wekk but there was a bit in the middle where I just wasn't coping with the poses. I was getting quite irritated, which I don't think is the mindset you're supposed to have during Yoga class. I got over it, thank goodness, and enjoyed the rest of the session. I tend to think of Yoga as a rest rather than as an exercise session, but it's a different type of struggle for me. I can see improvement, which is great, but I'd like to be able to do so much more than I can now.

Now that I've been writing this up, I've realised that I probably wasn't coping that well because I was tired. I think an early night tonight is on the cards.

Tomorrow is my usual mid-week rest day, but I'm thinking of doing a weights session in the morning. I want to get back into doing weights regularly as I really enjoy the feeling of getting stronger. Going tomorrow morning would give me two days of recovery before my PT session. I'll see how I wake up tomorrow morning and decide then. Besides, if I'm lucky, the staff member with my Garmin might be on duty in the morning.


kathrynoh said...

Good to hear you got the garmin back :) I tend to think of yoga as less of a workout too but you forget how taxing it can be. There's a lot of strength needed for some of those poses.

MorseyRuns said...

So have you thought up a name for the Garmin yet? I hate that sinking feeling when I realise I have misplaced something valuable (usually phone or ipod).

Andrew(ajh) said...

Glad the Garmin wrist thingy turned up.

The correct response when the boss says you look tired is to tell him it is because you've been working so hard!