Friday, 21 September 2007

Weight training and style consultation

This morning I didn't end up having PT as Krissi had a refrigeration emergency. Her fridge died just after the freezer was stocked up. If it had happened a few months ago, she would have been safe leaving the frozen goods outside (ok, Canberra isn't that bad).

Krissi phoned me last night to let me know that she might be late or a no show, depending on when her new fridge was delivered. What I want to know is how on earth she convinced them to deliver between 7 and 8 am. I'm impressed.

I went to the gym and worked on my weights program. I only had half an hour so I did the four legs exercises - lunges on the step, single leg extensions, fitball hamstring curls and duradisc one legged rows. At this stage I'm just learning to balance on the duradisc - 3 reps of 60 seconds. The rowing part will come later. I'll go to the gym tomorrow and do the rest of the program.

The reason I only had half an hour is that I had to do housework this morning because the style consultant was coming over. I was out of bed at 6 am and the house was spick and span by the time I headed off to the gym. I think I've inherited this compulsive need to pretend my house is immaculate from my mother. It's not all bad though - I got her legs. As she's got spectacular legs that's probably fair exchange for the odd bout of manic housework.

The style consultation was great fun. It didn't take all that long. We went back through my wardrobe and identified a few new combinations with my old and new clothes. I told SC how it was all going and she was delighted by some of my new purchases since we went shopping. I got some advice about a few things as well. For example, I'd worn one of my new skirts with a top I had but I tucked the top in so I could show off the belt on the skirt. For years I've not work a tucked in top as I'm usually trying to hide my tummy, so I wanted to check if this was an acceptable way to wear the outfit or if it was a fashion faux pas. Fortunately, tucked in is fine. (I'm having a little chuckle at myself for actually caring!)

I had a lesson in applying makeup and then we did the fashion parade. I tried on all sorts of combinations of my clothes and had my photo taken. SC will send the photos to me and I'll post a few on here. I showed SC a before photo of my face as I came across it the other day. I really hate that photo but I'm very proud of the transformation.

I'm all dolled up at the moment. I rang a few friends and arranged to go out for dinner, as it seems a waste to spend the evening in. One of my friends is coming around after work to see my new clothes and my incredibly neat wardrobe. It will be fun showing it all off.

On the weekend I'm off to Floriade. I'm also planning to go for a run and I might make it out for a bike ride just for fun. I keep meaning to do that, but it rarely happens. I need a riding buddy. Maybe I should put up a notice at the gym.


Lee said...

I have absolutely no idea now with clothes and make-up! I use to be pretty cool when I was younger but I have so lost the plot since entering my 40's :( I think I may be in need of a SC, lol!

Hope you had a great night out :)

jojo said...

yep..cant be all dolled up without going out...thats just a sin