Thursday, 20 September 2007

Outdoor fitness

It's definitely getting warmer. I think I'll be able to remove a few layers soon. I wore 3/4 running pants today instead of my Skins, which is a start. I still had my usual four layers on top, but I managed to dispense with one on the way home. I think it's a security thing. I HATE being cold.

Unfortunately, my Skins aren't fitting me very well at the moment, as I've put on weight since I bought them. I get away with it when I'm on my feet, although I seem to be pulling them up all the time. The bike is another story. They feel uncomfortable around my middle while I'm riding. I was in denial for a while, thinking it was whatever I had in my pockets, but I finally had to face the truth. The fact that it's getting harder to do up my bright yellow jacket over the top of all the other layers simply confirmed the facts.

My riding is definitely improving. I wasn't under any time pressure on the way there this morning but I still made it in 20 minutes. It seemed very quiet this morning. I was able to ride across all the roads without waiting. I would have thought I was in one of those "last survivor left in the city at the end of the world" movies except for the traffic noise from the main road and the "early shift" construction workers at various building sites along my route. The bike path has been diverted at one stage for a new project. It means I have to make decisions as to which way to go, which is all too much at 6 am.

I was the first person to arrive this morning but people were beginning to show up by the time I'd locked my bike and divested myself of my helmet, gloves and yellow jacket. While we were waiting John Howard walked past. Of course, I missed seeing him. I'd noticed the line of white cars as they parked near the Gardens but I didn't realise why they were there until after they were gone. Fortunately, we headed off on a long slow jog in the same direction that he had taken, so I got to see him out walking eventually.

Before we caught up with the Prime Minister we saw a small group of protesters departing with their signs. Several of them were dressed in polar bear outfits - probably not the best attire given the warm morning. We turned off to the right just as the PM was coming back towards us, so I didn't get all that close to him. I was pleased just to have seen him, as one of the most frequent questions I get asked about Canberra is "Have you seen the PM out walking?" Now I can answer in the positive. Mind you, I'll probably be asked "Why didn't you push him in the lake?" now. My mother would be horrified if I did anything so disrespectful to anybody. On top of that my ever-present Catholic guilt complex would go into overdrive. It wouldn't be worth it.

When we were leaving Lennox Gardens we believed we were going out for a nice slow jog. Silly me. I should have realised that there was more to it than that. When we reached Reconciliation Place we headed off to the hills. Now these are two symmetric hills that look as though they would be great for rolling down, and I'm determined to bring my nephews here to do that on one of their visits. Today they were our venue for hill sprints. We ran up those hills quite a few times. In between we did sit ups, pushups and walking lunges up one side of the hill. Then we jogged back to the bridge and ran up the stairs a few times. After that all we had to do was jog back to the park.

Apparently we covered about 4 km. It was just under an hour of steady effort. I felt great when I finished, but my legs are complaining about two sets of walking lunges in two days. I had to dash home as well, as I was getting picked up to go to a 9 am off-site meeting. When it was scheduled, I told my boss that there was no way that I could manage to be at the off-site location by 9 am. Instead of rescheduling or telling me that they'd manage without me, he offered to pick me up at 8:15 am. He really wanted me at the meeting.

I'm usually home from GOFC by 8:10 am. I badly wanted to do the session. I worked out that if I skipped the chat we have afterwards, rode home as quickly as I could, and dashed through showering and dressing, I could manage to be ready on time. I got home just after 8 am, so it was a mad scramble. Then the phone rang - they were a few minutes early. Isn't it always the way? Anyway, I made it out the door at 8:15 am and we headed off to the wilds of Tuggeranong for the meeting, me with an Up And Go Energiser in hand. Thank goodness for convenience food.

I had my gear for Body Attack with me, but I decided that my legs were complaining enough for me to take it easy tonight. I have my PT session tomorrow morning, and then I have my last style consultation session in the afternoon. I'll be getting made up and dressed up, which will be a lot of fun.


jojo said...

yeah, i may no have had the catholic upbringing..well theoretically, but id struggle to push george bush into a river...and if theres anyone who deserves to be......

Celeste said...

Such excitement for you! The PM and then showering and getting dressed in 15 minutes. Isn't it amazing what you can achieve when you think you don't have time???

Jaykay said...

I so hear you on the being cold thing. I absolutely hate being cold and would rather sit in 30 degree heat than shiver in 5 degree cold!!

I used to live in Tuggeranong when I lived in Canberra. I only lived there for 3 months but it was the coldest 3 months (was there from July to September).

Could you not have just given Johnny a little nudge???

kathrynoh said...

I'd have pushed him in the lake, and thrown rocks to make sure he stayed under!

I fully expect to see pics of the post-style consultation you :D

Anonymous said...

Kathy I would love to spend a day with you to see what makes you tick, where you get your energy from and hopw you stay focused and motivated. The goals you set are so realistic, your exercise timetable is interesting and you have inspired me. Well done on how far you have come and what you have achieved since you decided on taking that first step.