Sunday, 2 September 2007

Goal achieved - three runs in a week

I've done it at last - I've gone out and run three times in one week. I'm really glad that I'd booked young Andrew for a run on Saturday, because I knew that this one was in the bag as soon as the second run was over.

As planned, we did the Spring Into Shape course. The 4 km loop was pleasant, the day was sunny, and we did it easily. Andrew just loped along - he's an incredibly fit athletic 11 year old. He enjoyed the run and pulled up looking like he'd barely made an effort. He's quite keen to come along with me and my other nephew (also Andrew) on a future run. All I have to do is organise it. I think we might run around Albert Park Lake.

The whole "going for a run" thing was quite amusing. I'd had the idea that we'd go running early on Sunday morning. Sandra picked me up from the airport at 8 am on Saturday, brimming with her usual enthusiasm. She had it all worked out .. we'd go to basketball to see Terry play, go to the city to run, and then come back for Andrew's game later that day. She was looking forward to visiting Birrarung Marr with Terry and Eugene - there's a fabulous playground there - while Andrew and I ran. It all sounded fine except for the fact that I'd had a late night on Friday, that included several glasses of champagne, wine and port, very little sleep and an early start. I really wasn't feeling up to running across the road, let alone 4 km.

I thought about suggesting my Sunday morning alternative, but I could see that Andrew was as keen as mustard to run with me. I changed into my running gear and thought "thank goodness we're only doing one loop". Terry's basketball game was hilarious - he's in U10's and the boys are just starting to work out what's involved. We then headed off into town. The weather was fabulous. By the time we arrived, I was looking forward to the run. Andrew and I headed off in one direction and Sandra and the other two boys in the other.

Even though I'm a Melbourne girl, I haven't spent all that much time along the Yarra. It was lovely to see so many people out and about enjoying themselves. There were quite a few people running. We were passed by quite a few cyclists so we decided to run off the bike path for about half the run. It was more relaxing not having to worry about getting out of the way.

After we got back to the starting point we turned back to meet Sandra and the boys. We ran back to them as it looked more impressive than walking. I encouraged Andrew to do some stretching and then we were done.

I was pleased that I did the course so easily even though I'd started out tired. There's a lot of 'face' involved in being an aunt who is taking her nephew running. While the boys are well able to outrun me, if I'm inviting them running I have to be able to do the run!

After the run we visited the playground and it is every bit as good as the kids had told me. They had a great time. While we were sitting there watching them clamber all over the place, I spotted a set of stairs, so the three kids and I ran up the stairs (60 steps) just because they were there. Sandra was happy to supervise. We had lunch at South Bank and then headed back to Andrew's basketball game. I was in bed early and had today off any form of exercise at all!

Well, I took the day off doing any form of exercise. I still managed to shop for exercise. I was given a Rebel Sport voucher the other day, so I bought a running skirt. I wasn't sure what size to buy and I didn't have the energy to try it on, so I went for the smaller size on the grounds that it would eventually fit. Fortunately, I'll be able to wear it straight away. Tonight I finally bought myself a Garmin Forerunner 305 on ebay. I've been looking at them for ages. My yoga dvd's and my Enell bra had all arrived safely in Melbourne, so I picked them up when we called in on Dad for Father's Day.

Now all I have to do is repeat the three runs in a week!


warriorwoman said...

Wow you'll soon be fully kitted up and I'm sure you'll love the garmin. Its certainly a motivator to get out there and run new routes.

Em said...

I never get sick of running along the yarra, winter, summer, morning, afternoon, evening, anytime it is absolutely beautiful and everything I love about Melbourne :-)

jojo said...

im wondering how much for hte garmin.. please tell me if it is worth it cos i want to buy one..hurry up..get out there and try it... well done on 3 in a week matey