Friday, 14 September 2007

Rest day today

I was keen to run again today, and had made arrangements with my PT to run with the girls, but my back was way too sore last night for me to risk it. I woke up feeling better than I had the evening before but it was still tender.

I had to think it through really carefully, as I was so tempted to run. I realised that I wanted to do the Spring Into Shape series, and that if I ended up in more pain today that there was no way I'd be running on Sunday. At least this way I have given my sore muscles a chance to heal.

As for what's wrong - I have no idea. It feels like the top part of my butt is sore, so it's kind of lower back. My abs are also a bit sore, but that might just be from compensating for the way I've been sitting. I'm aching a bit now but it's nowhere near as bad as it was last night.

I guess if it doesn't get better over the next few days I'll have to go and see someone about it. Grrr. I am so rarely sick or injured that I make a very poor patient.

Anyway, I've decided that if I'm not up to running on Sunday I'll walk it!


Em said...

Hey Cool, you put a piccie up, I love running up that Bridge, especially at the moment when the Gymea Lillies are in flour.

Isabelle said...

Hope you're beginning to feel better.

I don't know if black kittens are more trouble. My only experience of cats is the white one of my girlhood. She was very peaceable, but then we didn't have her as a kitten.

We love them all the same, though. We must be mad...