Monday, 3 September 2007

Body Attack and Ceroc Dancing

This morning I had planned to go for a run, but I got to bed way too late last night. When I woke up all I wanted to do was roll over and go back to sleep. I debated getting up for a while, and then I remembered that I was going to do Body Attack this evening and the Group Outdoor Fitness Course tomorrow morning. I decided that rolling over and going back to sleep was incredibly sensible.

Tonight is going to be a short entry, as I really should get myself to bed. I HAVE to get up tomorrow for the GOFC and I clearly need to catch up on some sleep.

I enjoyed the Body Attack class. I was able to take it up another level in intensity today. I felt like I worked really hard and got maximum benefit out of the time.

I'd forgotten about Ceroc. My friend, Mel, and I decided a couple of weeks ago that trivia was getting a little dull and that we'd try something else. Ceroc Dancing is what we chose. It was a mad scramble to get there. I raced home from the gym to shower and change. Then I didn't have any cash, so I had to find an ATM. I was a couple of minutes late and it had already started, so there wasn't time to stand around feeling selfconscious. It was heaps of fun and I'll definitely go again.


warriorwoman said...

You have such a varied training schedule, I had to check out the Ceroc site as I'd never heard of it. Not for me though I see, looks pretty tough and requires coordination.

kathrynoh said...

I've heard Ceroc is great for your arms... be interested to hear more :D

jojo said...

ive never heard of it either..keeping it varied is great