Sunday, 16 September 2007

Spring into Shape

This morning I did the 8 km Spring into Shape run in Melbourne. The weather was a bit ordinary when we were leaving home, so I dashed back for a cap. I don't mind running in the rain but running in rain-speckled glasses is not fun. We were running a bit late, so my dad dropped me at the venue and went off to park the car. I collected my number, dropped my windcheater off at the clothing tent and headed off to the start.

It was a great start. The walkers were nearly all behind me, which was amazing. It didn't seem at all difficult to thread my way through the few people who were starting more slowly than me. Fortunately it didn't rain, but it was really windy. I have been suffering from hayfever ever since the run and my face is windburnt.

My goal was to finish in around 56 minutes and I ended up running 56:45. I'd hoped to be on the other side of the 56 but I wasn't too disappointed. I ran the first km in 6:20, slowed down to 6:45 for the second, and was then back to my usual run/walk pattern. I didn't remember to enjoy myself until I'd run a little more than 3 km. When I realised, I told myself to have some fun and I could feel the tension disappear from my shoulders.

On the way around I seemed to be running with a few of the same people. I wasn't the only run/walker so there was a lot of catching up with the same person and then seeing them cruise past again. I saw one lady in cool purple tights a number of times and there was another in a pink top who I found quite inspiring as she seemed to run the whole way. She was always ahead of me but she gave me an idea of how I was doing.

I didn't see anyone I recognised, but I discovered I finished about 1:30 behind Kathryn. From her race report it sounds as though she was well ahead of me on the first lap, so I don't think she was one of the people I kept seeing on the way around.

I collected my t-shirt. Luckily I had an even number. The shirts only went up to size 14 but I took that size instead of opting for a men's shirt. It is a bit snug but I'm hoping to be fitting into it properly in a few months.

Dad enjoyed watching the runners as they finished. He collected me at the end and we walked back to the great car park he'd found on Flinders Street. On the way, I realised that I hadn't stretched, so he patiently waited while I went through my usual stretching routine. I had that lovely feeling that you get when you've been running and it pretty much lasted all day.

Speaking of fitting into the shirt, I weighed myself in Melbourne and I've put on more weight. I wasn't expecting that, as my jeans have started to get loose again and a few people have commented that I look as though I'm losing weight. Clearly I'm "toning" at the moment. I'm pleased that all my exercise is having positive benefits but I'm going to have to get back on the wagon as far as my eating is going.

Mind you, I didn't make any effort to be good yesterday as it was my family birthday barbecue. Everyone was there to celebrate with me, including my cousin Laura who is visiting from Ireland. I received severallovely cards that my niece and nephews made and there was a definite theme going on. They hoped I would get lots of pressies. I love how quantity matters to children. In fact, I often buy them gifts with lots of pieces as I know how they adore having several presents.

As for my gifts, there was definitely an exercise theme happening there, as I was given a Rebel Sport voucher and a Yoga set - blocks, straps, mat, dvd, etc. Another theme was iTunes - I got speakers for my iPod and an iTunes gift card. Mum has clearly noticed that I'm enjoying cooking at the moment as my parents gave me a Kenwood package with hand held mixer and a thing that chops and dices. This will be fun! I didn't manage to bring all the booty home with me, so I will have to invite someone to drive up to Canberra to visit me.

Next time I'm in Melbourne I'm going to take the two Andrews for a run around Albert Park Lake. That will be fun.


Kathy said...

My back is feeling fine. I'm glad I rested it.

Mind you, I've got to remember next time "don't look up your symptoms".

As well as lower back pain I was also a little bloated. When I googled these symptoms I got back lots of info on ovarian cancer. Not at all what I was expecting!

Lee said...

Now I feel extremely guilty! I thought you lived in Melbourne so I missed the opportunity to meet you because I wussed out of SiS. That will teach me :(

Sounds like you had a great run and that wind did look menacing, so well done.

You were very spoilt for your Birthday, you lucky duck :)

Kathy said...

Lee, don't feel guilty. There'll be plenty of opportunities - I'm a Melbourne girl who works in Canberra. I'm home every few weeks. The only problem with choosing my fun runs at home is that there's occasionally a run on in Canberra that I'd like to do as well!

Celeste said...

Great run Kathy!!! Anything under an hour for 8km is a damn fine effort as far as I am concerned!!!

Clearly the run/walk routine works for you and doesn't affect your pace.

A 6 minute 20 opening km is awesome. I'd be stuffed if I tried that and then knew I still had 7km to go!!!

kathrynoh said...

Hey maybe you did see me - I was wearing purple tights!

You did well getting that close to your goal because it got damn windy down there at times.

Jaykay said...

Kathy you were running directly behind Kathryn when I yelled out to you, in fact I thought you had met up with her and were running together, that's why I called out both your names!!!

Fantastic effort too. It was really windy wasn't it. At least the rain held off.

Em said...

Sorry I didn't catch up with you, but still 2 more to go. I took off quickly for a cool down lap of the tan.

I was an even number too, and green! my favourite colour :-)

jojo said...

how fabbo! gotta be happy with thats..nothing better than the tired yet accomplished feeling you have after a fun run..very jealous :)