Thursday, 13 September 2007

GOFC - Interval Training

Today at the GOFC we had interval training. I've really grown to like this particular activity. I guess it's partly because I know I'll definitely get a walking break and partly because I can see that it's improving my running heaps.

Today seemed a bit easier than past sessions. I'm not sure if it was because Brad was kinder to us or if it was because I know what to expect. The main thing I struggled with today was running fast. By the end of the session I was starting to surge, but I didn't do too well with the "add 5%" warmup.

Because I've already done a bit of running this week, I just knew we were going to be running again today. I was a little worried about it yesterday, because I was so sore during the day, but I woke up feeling fine. I'd had this whole strategy prepared, where I'd ride to GOFC, hear we were running, explain to Krissi I was too sore, and then ride home. When I got there today I was feeling good so fortunately I didn't need to explain that I was a slacker.

By the way, thanks for the encouragement JoJo. I know I'm not really a slacker because I'm winning those mental battles more than I'm losing them, but I realise how easy it would be to let go of all the progress I've made so far. I got a bit of a kick up the pants over winter this year, when my eating went crazy, and I'm not quite back on track yet. Much better, but not quite there.

My lower back has been sore today. I'm wondering if it's a bit more than the yoga and running. I think it might also be related to my cycle as I seemed to have some ovulation pain today as well. If that's the case, I should recover pretty fast. :-)

I dressed up a bit today, wearing clothes and shoes I bought with the Style Consultant. I didn't get the makeup happening, but I did get a few compliments at work today. I'm really enjoying the benefits of having the consultation. It's going to take a while for me to develop 'style' but I was wearing a top the other day that had been hanging in my wardrobe because I was too self-conscious to wear it even though I loved it.

All SC did to get me to wear it was (a) encourage me to buy a waist shaping piece of underwear (it's a clingy top and shows all my lumps and bumps) and (b) encourage me to buy some beads to break up the expanse of my chest. I felt great at work when I was wearing it and I got a compliment from the boss. SC didn't like my jeans so I bought a different style, wore them on the weekend and felt terrific in them. I was willing to give it a go. Once the jeans had been taken up to the right length I could see how the style complimented my shape.

Mind you, today I was wearing pointy court shoes with skinny heels. I was able to wear them all day, but I'm not all that convinced that they are for me. I'll probably keep them at work and put them on when I want to impress someone. They look really cool but I will look for some more comfortable court shoes - maybe from HomyPed. I value my feet!

I'm looking forward to the run on Sunday. I'll keep an eye out for the various people running in the 4 km race. I'm doing the 8 km race. No idea of my race number as yet, but it will take me around 56 mins to finish. If I can get around any faster than that, I will, but I'll be happy with 7 min/km. I'll post my number after I get to Melbourne, as I'm sure it will be at home waiting for me.

Tomorrow for PT I'm heading out for another run with the girls. Krissi is coming along half an hour earlier so we can all run. I'm a little worried about overdoing it, but I figure I'll rest on Saturday and I'll have an easier week next week as well. I skipped Body Attack tonight because of tomorrow's run. I think Body Balance tomorrow night should be ok. The stretching will definitely help.

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Andrew(ajh) said...

I don't think the race numbers for Sunday are sent out, you have to pick up on the morning of the race. So, I can't tell you my number either, I'll be wearing grey shorts, last years blue SiS t-shirt and my Skins probably. Keep your eye out ans say g'day!