Friday, 28 September 2007

Personal training

A quick one tonight as I'm heading off to Melbourne shortly for the long weekend.

I had my PT session this morning. Isn't it amazing how difficult it is to describe pain sometimes? I still had a twinge in my leg, but I wasn't really sure what I'd hurt. It was kind of between my quad and my hammy. I felt like a dill trying to explain what it was, but Krissi took me seriously. I got the RICE and the HARM(R) talk, and now I know what to do next time it happens. If I'd only thought, I'd have worn my skins to bed last night.

I warmed up well on the treadmill, then we did light leg weights as maintenance on the leg press machine. I didn't feel any leg pain during those. As the day has progressed it's gotten gradually better and better, so I think I've lucked out. I was a little concerned about my run with the boys (Andrew and Andrew - yes, two nephews with the same name - long story) but I think I'll be fine for it.

It was so funny today at PT. I kept jumping off the leg press machine to go on to the next thing. After the third set I finally caught on and sat where I was. Yep, it was time to move. We did some chest presses and some triceps exercises and then it was time to go. I can't get over how quickly my PT session disappears nowadays.

I was going to go to Body Balance tonight, so I raced home, showered, frantically packed and headed off to the bus. I just made it .. the bus didn't. I can almost count on that bus being late, which is why I knew I could manage my packing this morning instead of doing it last night.

It was all for nothing though, as I managed to leave my phone at home in the rush. I had to head back for it instead of going to the gym. Still, I don't think I'd survive four days without my mobile.

Tomorrow I'm heading to the Royal Show. I love the Show. :-) On Sunday, I'm running around Albert Park Lake with the two Andrews. On Monday .. I haven't made any plans yet. It will just be nice to have the extra day off.


jojo said...

4 days without my mobile... my hand is shaking just thinking about it.. how would i send my ten unnecessary texts brain hurts!

Andrew(ajh) said...

I can quite understand everyone wanting call their boys Andrew - it is such a lovely name :-)