Tuesday, 10 April 2007

Short run today

I flew back to Canberra this morning, so I only got to the gym this evening. My bus was late, so I didn't do the mad dash to pick up my altered clothing. (What, hem my own clothes?) Instead, I headed to the gym and an interval run, 15 mins at 6 / 10.6 followed by 5 mins at 6. It was a short run as I was in a rush to get to Trivia.

It seemed really hard tonight. I don't know if it was the early start this morning or the grumpy day I had or the cold I'm fighting off at the moment, but I felt like the whole run was a slog. I didn't do too well at the changed self-talk as I kept telling myself I could stop after the next interval. I eventually realised I'd been running for 10 mins and that I only had two more intervals to go. That didn't really help, so I told myself I was a warrior woman and I could run fast for two more minutes. I had this vision of the real warriorwoman reading my blog and laughing when she saw that. Anyway, whatever it takes, and that certainly got me through the last two fast intervals.

Trivia was great fun. We came second for the fourth time in a row, to the same team! They keep thrashing us. We're going to have to nobble them. Maybe some vodka in their fruitjuice or convincing them to trust Wikipedia 100% of the time. There must be a way.


warriorwoman said...

Visualisation and self-talk are amazing things. Sounds like you've discovered your motivator though - keep picturing yourself as a true amazon and you'll tick off those extra laps without any trouble.

liz said...

Trivia sounds like great fun!! Good for you to keep going when you felt like giving up. That's usually the trick, keep your mind busy and the pain is less noticeable - sort of...

Scott said...

Hello Kathy

Thanks for posting on my blog. I'm happy when people I don't know read and leave a message.

I've been reading your blog since and I'm going to check back regularly. Take it easy.