Monday, 23 April 2007

How many calories in a doughnut?

I'm in shock. Two cinnamon sugar doughnuts from Donut King look and sound so harmless until you look them up on Calorie King. 730 calories and almost 34 grams of fat! My goodness. To think that I nearly had a third one. I was sure that they weren't doing me much harm as they are so small! Of course, with eagle eyed hindsight I should be hitting myself in the head and saying "Doh!" I know muffins are the devil's food. Why did I think doughnuts were any different?

Mind you, they were delicious.

I skipped the gym today - too much trouble to drive to Yarraville. Instead, I ran around the creek once and walked a second lap. I made it around the first lap in 22:12, which is the fastest I've done it. I wasn't trying to go fast, so I figure that I'm still lucky enough to be in the improving beginner stage of my running career. Rather than worrying about speed I was concentrating on running comfortably and working on my cadence outdoors. I seem to be consistently managing a cadence of 85. I ran at 10 am, which is unusual for me. The weather was lovely - blue sky and sunshine without being too hot. It's extremely pleasant, having these couple of days off work. I walked the second lap in 34 minutes and then headed home. I was out for a little over an hour all up.

They're getting used to me at home now. I don't get the "what have you done with our daughter?" questions any more, and they've stopped looking for signs of alien surgery. I came in and started stretching and nobody even blinked.

I had it in my head this morning that I was going to run just the one lap today, that I'd do the equivalent once more this week and then go for a long run on the weekend. I got the idea from a beginner's training program I saw on the Ausrun website. One lap is 3.5 km according to my calculations based on the map from Google Earth. When I finished the lap, it was an effort to stop myself from running any further. I really felt like I was piking out even though it was what I'd planned to do. I had a stern word with myself as I've realised recently that I've not been running as much as I think I'd like to because I have been treating every run as though it should be at least as long as the previous one for it to be a "real run". That's putting me off, which is hardly surprising.

I'm going to take my running a bit more seriously now, especially as the fitness challenge is almost over and I won't be so tied to the gym. Of course, that means I'll have to commit myself to a training program. For that, I need to know what sort of running I want to do. So I'm back to working out what my running goals are. This is what I've come up with at the moment.

1. Have fun
2. Run without injury
3. Run three times a week, including a long run
4. Run outside at least once a week
5. Run for longer

I'm going to use the fun runs I'm doing as interesting long runs. I'm entered in the Mother's Day Classic, there's a fun run a couple of weeks later in Canberra that I think I'll do, and I'm planning to Run to the G. I'm not at all fussed about my times for these but I'd like to eventually run the whole way, rather than run/walk part of them.

Hmm, now all I have to do is work off those doughnuts!!!

Oh, I managed to lose 0.7 kg over the last two weeks, which I'm pleased with.


Andrew(ajh) said...

Yes, donuts, definitely = bad in my book.

deege said...

Kathy, great to hear that you are loving the running. It grows on you doesn't it? Enjoy this next phase of your training - the improvements are coming so quickly and if, to quote ferris, you don't stop and look around every now and then, you just might miss it.

Sarah said...

mmmmm doughnuts .... :)

Sounds like you have some good goals for your running there ... I'm trying to figure out what my own running program should look like and struggling a bit with the details.

Remeber your long run should also be a slow one, or that's my understanding at least.