Monday, 16 April 2007

It's a conspiracy

Last week a fuse blew when I was on the treadmill. This week, the fire alarm went off just as I arrived for my personal training session. If I was paranoid I'd be thinking that someone or something was out to stop me from getting my exercise done.

After milling around outside the gym, catching up with various team black members and having a good old gossip, we were allowed back in. I had a great time telling Leanne all about my run. In fact, I had a great time telling lots of people about my run today.

We finished off my weights program. We added on triceps pushups (I have enough trouble doing ordinary pushups), reverse crunches and side planks. We cycled back through the program and I managed to survive the one-legged squats. Fortunately, we ran out of time before the chicken exercise.

After p/t I did pump. I realised a couple of weeks ago that I needed to increase the weights, so I did it today. I think it was a much better workout, but I'm feeling a little sore now. I have a feeling I'm going to be sorry about this tomorrow.

This morning's session was a gentle walk. It was more about getting out of bed and to the gym than it was about exercising, and I managed to get myself there. All I have to do now is repeat that each morning this week.

Tomorrow I plan to do some cardio work. On Wednesday, I'll work my way through my weights program and play squash. On Thursday, I should be able to manage an interval run along with the last Body Jam class. That's about as far forward as I want to plan right now, although I do know that I have to get my backside on my bike before the outdoor fitness challenge. I think I'll plan to do that on the weekend.


Sarah said...

hmmm, I can realte to your comment about it being getting out of bed and actually making it to the gym ... why is it such a mental battle? Do you think it's jut years of innactivity, do people who love exercise and always have still have the same internal "will I won't I" discussion I wonder?

I'm glad you're enjoying telling people about your run.

MorseyRuns said...

I can never understand why they don't power the gym's lights etc from the energy created on the treadmills and bikes!
Sounds like you have pulled up well from your run- good work.

Andrew(ajh) said...

For sheer volume of exercise completed I think you win the prize Kathy!