Tuesday, 17 April 2007

A little sore today

Well, that new weights program is starting to make itself felt. I can definitely feel my muscles getting stronger. Well, they are either getting stronger or they are about to collapse into a heap, screaming "never again!" While it's fun to get a new program, there's always a down side.

This morning I was fine. I got myself to the gym and I managed to run for 20 minutes at an average of 8 km/h before cooling down and stretching. Running is such a great calorie burner! Normally I do intervals on the treadmill, but today I just ran for a change. It was interesting to discover that I prefer the intervals when I'm running on the treadmill. I guess they have an automatic challenge built into them and they have the added bonus of being great for weight loss. What's even more surprising is that I might be turning into an "outside" runner. I'm the woman who had visions of everyone laughing and the pavement cracking behind me as I ran. Now I find myself looking forward to my next fun run and working out what runs I'll be doing beforehand.

This evening I had my "dash into the gym before trivia" exercise session - short and sweet. For this one, I did the "Fat Burner" on the treadmill, 20 mins, level 8, 6 km/hr. I haven't done this for a few weeks and I found the gradient really hard going at first. I'm obviously going to have to keep this in my program.

At trivia tonight, I had the chocolate mud cake for dessert. I had burned off the calories so it was still a weight loss day overall. I enjoyed the cake tremendously. It's great keeping track of my calories via Calorie King. I knew I could afford to eat the cake so I didn't waste any time feeling guilty about it. An added bonus, our team came third tonight - no prize but not a bad effort.

I never know how to respond to comments, so I'm leaving some responses here today.

Sarah, I'm starting to realise that those people who love exercise must still struggle with it on occasion. The difference is that they win the fight! I read in someone's blog that you might regret getting up to go and exercise for a short while but you'll feel better once you exercise. If you don't get up, you'll regret it all day.

Sara, I'm chuckling at the vision of the treadmills powering the gym lights. Maybe those readers would work harder so that they could see what they are reading! I don't get them either.

Andrew, it only sounds like a lot when it's all listed together. I saw your blog comment on the amount of exercise you were doing (average of 1 hour 20 minutes and 750+ calories per day). I'm always blown away by the amount of running and cycling you're doing. I think you work at a higher intensity than I do.

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Sarah said...

I *must* get back to tracking on Calorie King - my goal for the week. I've been so lazy.

I think you're well on your way to being an outside runner!