Saturday, 28 April 2007

Last day of the challenge

I made it - 12 weeks of the Fernwood Biggest Loser Challenge. I bumped into some of Team Black in Body Pump this morning and we went to the Pancake Parlour for lunch. It was a nice way to celebrate the end of the challenge. I'm sure that we'll all be seeing more of each other though, as a few of us have discovered running.

The girls did their 16 km run today, and a couple of the others rode their bikes. If I'd known that, I'd have joined in on my bike, which now has lovely pumped up tyres thanks to the help of a friend of mine.

Now that the challenge is over it's a good time to reflect on what I've gained from taking it on.

1) I'm much fitter than I was 12 weeks ago.
2) I've gained muscle tone and definition.
3) I've lost weight and centimetres.
4) My balance has improved.
5) I ran 10 km!
6) I made new friends.
7) I started to exercise regularly when I was in Melbourne.
8) I'm able to get myself up and to the gym in the mornings.
9) I started to do classes at the gym.

When I started the challenge, I had no idea that I'd enjoy it so much. I knew that I'd find it motivating, as there was a team aspect as well as the personal challenge. I am highly motivated to reach my weight loss goal this year. I thought the challenge would help me with that. It did.

Now that it's done, I'm really pleased with the way that I approached it. I learned during the challenge that I don't need the external motivation of points to exercise. That's a big plus, as it means that exercise has become a habit.

Writing the blog has really helped. I never used to plan my exercise. I only do a few days at a time now, but I'm starting to think about what I'm trying to achieve. Putting the plans in writing makes me more accountable to myself. Mind you, it doesn't guarantee that I end up doing what I thought I was going to do. :-)

For example, I'm planning to do a weights session and go for a bike ride tomorrow. Hopefully it will happen.


running uphill said...

Well done Kathy you have achieved a lot during the time.

MorseyRuns said...

What great list of achievements - you really have built up some great habits and there is no doubt you can keep it up. Congratulations!

Celeste said...

Congratulations on finishing the 12 weeks with the same determination and motivation as when you started!!

Now you've got some new goals, you are sure to keep up this excellent work.

Sarah said...

well done Kathy! Makes me want to do my own 12 week challenge!

Andrew(ajh) said...

Congratulations on completing the 12 week challenge, and I love your list of accomplishments - you should be very proud of your effort and results.

Kathy said...

Hi Kathy - I'm amazed at the extra stuff you've quantified that you've achieved. Well - my tyres are a bit flat but if I pump 'm up I'd love to go round the lake with you some time.

Kathy said...

That last comment isn't from me. Not sure why someone would put my name and profile link against their comment.