Friday, 13 April 2007

Resting my legs

I've had a nice quiet day today. I was at the gym this morning, walking for 20 mins on the treadmill at 6 km/hr. I did about 45 mins of walking as part of my pedestrian existence, and that's about it. Apart from demonstrating the "chicken" at work, my day was fairly sedate.

One exciting thing though. Krissi, our team leader for the Biggest Loser Fitness Challenge, is running an Outdoor Group Fitness Challenge starting in May, and she sent out the info today. Knowing that it was probably a case of first in, I jumped into action and sent off my reply. I explained that I'd only be able to get to six of the eight sessions because of my holiday in Qld, and I'd understand if they decided to take someone who could get to all eight, but I'm in! Yay!

Now all I have to do is figure out how to get to the venue. They start at 6:30 am and the buses won't be running that early. Once upon a time, I'd have decided that it was too hard and given up, but I've realised I can either walk (good for my step count in the Global Challenge) or ride, which would transform the loungeroom art back into a mode of transport. That's a major change in outlook for me. I am really enjoying getting to know the new me. :-)


Andrew(ajh) said...

One legged squats - I just plain cannot so them for some reason.

Kathy said...

Ah, but I do them with a fitball - helps with the balance. I know Leanne will have me doing them without the ball eventually, but I'm in no rush to get there.

Jaykay said...

The Fernwood that you go to sounds like it is so much better than the one I used to go to.

There was definitely no team building activities or team work. It was a very cold, unmotivating place to visit :-(

Sarah said...

I agree, your gym sounds like such a friendly place.

I love your attitude about the new you! good on you.

MorseyRuns said...

Dust off that bike and ride to the early morning sessions for sure! My cycling goes in fits and starts but I have kept riding to work and I think it is good to power your way around.

Kathy said...

The Biggest Loser Challenge at the gym has been a real winner. My gym is in the city centre and caters mainly to working women. While the staff were always friendly, the members were pretty much focussed on their own exercise and there wasn't much chatting.

The team structure of the challenge has made a huge difference, and I think I was really lucky getting assigned to a motivated team.

The gym's a whole different place nowadays.

Celeste said...

I'm with Morseyruns. Get on the bike - it's actually nice for a change. (And that's coming from ME a noncyclist!!!)