Wednesday, 25 April 2007

Missed my plane

This is a first for me, and one I would have preferred to still have ahead of me. I mixed up the time for my flight. I knew what time I was meant to be arriving in Canberra. I just didn't know when I was leaving!

Now, if you knew me well, you'd know that I like to arrive out at the airport an hour before the flight. I get laughed at all the time over that. I've been trying to relax a little about getting there early. Today I was ready in plenty of time. My "you're flying" alarm went off, and I turned it off without reading the detail, thinking "why do I still set this?" I got the "why don't you check in now" email from Virgin Blue and decided that I'd be at the airport with plenty of time to check in. I was ready early and wandered around the house, trying to "relaaaax".

When I got to the airport and tried to check in .. well, I felt like such a dill. It cost me $50 and the next flight wasn't for ages. Janet kindly turned around and came back for me so that I didn't have to sit at the airport for hours. The family are delighted to be teasing her .. "When your father takes Kathy to the airport, HE doesn't bring her back home" etc.

As for exercise, that didn't go to plan either. I was too lazy to get out of bed this morning. I was reading blogs between airport trips, and thought to myself - all these people have managed to get out for a holiday run. Well, unpacking my running gear seemed like too much of a stretch, but I was inspired to go for a walk around the creek. It was a lovely day and I'm glad I made the effort. The rescheduled plane trip meant that I didn't make it to squash.

I'll be glad to get back to my routine tomorrow.

By the way, thanks for all the positive comments on yesterday's blog. They are much appreciated.

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Sarah said...

I get a bit paranoid about getting to the airport on time too! Sorry you missed your plane.