Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Yoga and thoughts about legs and stuff

Not much to report on the exercise front today. All I did was Yoga. We got an excellent strength work out and did quite a bit of abs work. I was a little constrained for some of it as I've been told not to do stuff like squats past 30 degrees. My bruised and scratched knees were complaining about the kneeling too but I'm glad I ignored them, particularly with one move that was an excellent hamstring stretch.

I have the MRI tomorrow morning and get the results on Thursday. I'm hanging out for the results as I don't like this being constricted. I don't much like the pain I've been feeling either, so I will have to put up with it for now I guess.

As I was walking home this evening I was thinking about my legs. Now I probably haven't mentioned it in my blog, but if I could ever be accused of vanity it would be because of my legs. I have great legs. Even when I was really overweight I had great legs. I inherited them from my Mum. Unfortunately I also inherited her leg cramps. *chuckle*

At the moment they aren't exactly looking their best. I've got bright red scratches from the small bits and pieces of sticks etc that were lying all over the park on Saturday. I think I've reacted to the pine sap. Anyway, whatever it is it looks awful. Add a few colourful bruises and skinned knees and they are definitely not up to their usual standard. Sigh.

I didn't mention this in my blog when it happened because I was a little embarrassed about it but I have told a couple of people so I figure the embarrassment factor is just about zero now. When I was running in the Jogalong with Kelly one time I ran ahead of her and got her to check out my calf muscles for me. I wanted to know if they looked good running. Kelly, being a good friend, knew exactly what to say. Funnily enough, a few weeks later someone running behind me at the outdoor fitness challenge remarked that my calves were looking good. I took the comment totally at face value and preened excessively. Mind you, they could have been set up to make the remark.

I remember vividly a post Kathryn made one time about someone in a sports store remarking on her muscular calves and how good it made her feel. I so relate to that feeling.

It must have been a long walk home (or my legs weren't able to hold my attention) but I was also thinking about doing the Runner's World 12 week challenge next year. I can't see any point in trying to do it over the Christmas period, but starting in the New Year after I've gained the obligatory Christmas indulgence weight seems like a good idea. I just have to pick a target race now.

I've got the mag wheel out, ready to set up my bike for practising clicking in and out. I just hope my butt muscles can cope with this. I'll worry about taking another layer of skin off my knees later. At least if I get all the falling off done now I won't have to worry about my legs being less than perfect after this lot heals.


kathrynoh said...

Legs are awesome and leg compliments even more so :)

Did your stylist give any handy tips about showing them off?

jojo said...

its always nice to get leg comments

Andrew(ajh) said...

Nothing nicer than a runners calf muscles (female obviously) :-)

lg said...

Hey Kathy, you should celebrate your hot legs!!!

I read about your cleat catastrophes, if it makes you feel any better, I once couldn't clip out down a hill and crashed in front of a group of people. I actually thought I had broken a rib as the pain was so intense but I was just winded. I got back on and crashed down the next hill and then got off and walked home - I did end up getting back on, just had to wait a little while. Hope the mag wheel helps

Kathy said...

Kathryn, my stylist says I should wear skirts that come just past my knees - show off my calves - or just above my ankles - I have good ankles too. When I was in my late teens I wore mini-skirts at every opportunity. Yes, I've had this leg vanity a long time!

I reckon you should be showing off your calves too!

(Posted this on Kathryn's site too .. to make sure she saw my reply.)

Lee said...

Hey Kathy, watch out, I reckon my calf muscles might give you a run for your money. My husband is always saying I have great legs ;) Having said that, he did tell me the other day I need to go back to the gym as my arms weren't looking so toned these days, lol, cheeky so and so!!