Sunday, 23 December 2007

Lots of running today

I'm going to feel this tomorrow. I'm already feeling it today. I went running twice today - not once, twice!

I'd arranged to take Andrew, Laura and Michael running at lunch time today, but when Kathryn suggested a run this morning I was more than willing to go along with her. We met at the Tan near the top of Anderson Street at 10 am. Not surprisingly, we chatted the whole time.

The first time up Anderson Street hill I had to slow right down. Kathryn's run it quite a few times this week, but this is only the second time I've managed to run the whole way and usually we've only just started our run. I was really pleased to make it to the top. I was quite convinced on the way up that I was done - no more running for me - but once we crested the hill I was ready to go around again. After a few stretches, off we went on our second circuit of the Tan. The time just flew.

After running most of the way we were back at the base of the hill. I thought about walking up it, but decided to ask Kathryn if she wanted to walk it or run it. She chose running and so I set off again. It seemed much easier the second time, mainly because we'd walked from the 0 km marker to the base of the hill. All up, we were out there for just over an hour, before heading off for coffee.

I thoroughly enjoyed Kathryn's company. It was great to meet up with her in person. We're going to do another run between Christmas and New Year.

The kids were waiting for me in Werribee. When I got there they were full of beans so my sister was quite glad for me to take the three of them off her hands. Andrew (not the one I ran with yesterday) had been dropped off after Mass, so he didn't have a drink bottle with him. I'm glad he mentioned it before we left, as I'd emptied mine earlier. A quick dash to the garden hose and we were off. I don't remember the last time I've filled up a drink bottle from a garden tap. This running is definitely taking me back to my childhood.

We went for a run along the Werribee River. I checked out the location to see if it was suitable for the whole gang and there was a playground and barbecue as well. The run is prettier so we have two places to go now. The kids quite like the idea of cooking breakfast after a run, so I'll have to organise a time to have the whole crew along before I head back on New Year's Day.

We didn't measure our run last time so I was quite interested to see how far we'd gone. It looks like my estimate of 4 km was pretty good as we reached the turnaround point in 2.05 km. We went a bit further today, just because we could. Laura took off running with Andrew. She knew the fast running would mean that she would have to stop and walk, but she was having fun so she did it anyway. Michael ran with me. The poor kid got a stitch, which he seemed to have for most of the run.

Andrew's one of these kids who is just naturally good at sport, so he was running along effortlessly. Laura and Michael did a little more walking than running. I knew I was going to do more running than I have for ages, so I was thinking about walking, but somehow I managed to run the whole way. I made it to the 5k mark before stopping. It was a real effort of mind over legs. I didn't run fast but I made it.

Altogether I ran 12.6 km today. That's the furthest I've ever run. I was out running for almost an hour and three-quarters. I'm feeling stiff and sore now and I'm sunburnt. It was overcast most of the day and it didn't occur to me that I'd need sunscreen. I should know better!

Tomorrow's a rest day and I'm supposed to do pace intervals on Tuesday. I'll have to walk around the creek tomorrow and find a nice straight stretch so I can run the intervals back and forwards. I have been meaning to get to the pool, but I haven't managed it yet. I have swimming down on my training plan for tomorrow so I won't be able to make any excuses.

I've left buying my Christmas presents to the last moment so I'll be doing some extreme shopping tomorrow. That ought to be fun. :-)


Andrew(ajh) said...

Good on you for going twice in one day!

Pace intervals on Christmas Day really would be the epitome of dedication!

kathrynoh said...

I enjoyed the run today too - it's good to have someone else along to motivate you :D

warriorwoman said...

Sounds like you are spending more time out running than preparing for xmas. I hope you have a successful shopping spree today and that you have a great Christmas.

Em said...

Good work, the hill is a bugger but if you keep plugging away it does get easier.

I love how enthusiastic those kids are, you are a top Aunty :-)

Isabelle said...

Well, after that running bit (which made me feel very impressed and inferior!) I was so glad to hear about your upcoming extreme shopping. I'll be up town myself at 8.55 am tomorrow and back home by 11 am. I hope. And that will be it finished.

Happy Christmas!

jojo said...

hey..great running..but if you pull up and are still sore on the day of the intervals...maybe postpone them and just do a slow easy run...
still gotta look after those knees