Saturday, 8 December 2007

Fitness awards

We had a great night. Krissi was a finalist in the ACT Fitness Industry's Fitness Professional of the Year award. Gavin won. He must be absolutely fabulous because Krissi would be an extremely tough act to beat.

As I may have mentioned, we got ourselves all dressed up for the awards. Here's a photo of "the" dress.

I really enjoyed myself. Krissi, Brad and Jess are terrific company.

Jess's hair was done by Ash-Lea. Doesn't it look great? Ok, we were all a bit snap happy at this stage. There wasn't going to be a photo that we weren't in.


Andrew(ajh) said...

If I could write down the sound of a wolf-whistle I would, but I don't know how. Looking good Kathy!

Em said...

I'll give it a go - woo woo

You look fab, glad you had a great night.

kathrynoh said...

Wow, fabulous dress :D

Krissi said...

Is that a hint Kathy? I'll get the photos onto facebook today :)

Kathy said...

I thought I was being so subtle. *grin*