Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Weights training

On Friday morning I discovered I had a sore neck. It's fine now, thank goodness, but I took it easy for a few days to give it a chance to heal. It felt as though I'd strained it but I don't know exactly how or when it would have happened.

As ever, when you take a few days off it's hard to get started again. Over the weekend I did some gentle walking, but I really didn't get back into serious exercise until this evening.

I headed off for Yoga, which seemed just the right pace for me. Unfortunately the class was cancelled. Instead of turning around to go home, tempting as that seemed, I decided to stay and do my weights program. It was busier than usual in the gym. I guess some of the other yoga people also stayed around to work out.

Even though I wasn't all that keen on doing anything strenuous I really enjoyed myself this evening. I'm at that stage of the program where I have the exercises under control and I'm ready to start increasing the weights. It's a good feeling, knowing that you can do the sets properly.

The weekend was a lot of fun. My friend, Erika, came to stay. As predicted, she was very kind, putting up with the Kathy's Running Highlights tour of Canberra. Mind you, it was easy to organise. All I had to do was think up legitimate reasons to go past the various locations. For example, we went up to the Red Hill Lookout to see Canberra. The fact that we had to drive along the road I ran up the other day provided me with the opportunity to enthrall Erika with tales of my running exploits.

I've had to cancel my personal training this week, as I'm travelling to Melbourne for work on Wednesday and Thursday. We're staying in the CBD. I just checked the hotel details online, and it looks like it has a gymnasium. We're also near Fernwood, so I'm going to check out the timetable. It looks like I'll have to call them as their website isn't working. Staying in a hotel in my own city is going to feel strange, but I figure I may as well enjoy it.


warriorwoman said...

I think she was lucky she got to do the tour by car, my visitors are given a bike and harassed into joining me as I run around the highlights.

Celeste said...

It's not often that I just do weights at the gym without any cardio. But sometimes I will, and I really enjoy it. I spend more time on the weights and take my time - I'm not thinking about grabbing a spare cardio machine when I'm finished and I can concentrate on the weights.

jojo said...

yeah im a bit slack with my wieghts..

Kathy said...

LOL Angela - I nearly suggested that to Erika.