Monday, 13 August 2007

Weights program

It was good to get to the gym tonight. I got stuck at work and so was running behind time. Mind you, being there later meant that the gym wasn't as busy, so there was an upside.

I worked my way through my program, but I did check whether or not I could do the lunges without weights first. I was due to put the weight up, so I did, but I really felt it in my quads when I did the leg press, so I ended up dropping the weight on that one. I did a lot of stretching during the program and after it. I even did the downward dog a couple of times to stretch out my calves and hamstrings.

I was checking out the dates on my program. It's almost two months since I started this one. It doesn't seem that long. One of the goals for the program was to manage five fitball pushups on my toes, so I gave it a go tonight. I was able to get into position, but I wasn't doing the pushups properly. It's still progress, as I wasn't able to balance on the ball in pushup position at all. I'll have to keep trying with that one.

I've been watching the personal trainers while I've been exercising. They all seem fine. I'll talk to Krissi first as I'm hoping that she will be able to fit me into her schedule. If she can't, then I'll have to book some sessions with a new trainer as August is nearly over. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I won't have to travel for work for the next couple of weeks, so that I don't miss any more of my time with Leanne.

Thanks for the kind comments on yesterday's post. Your support is really appreciated.

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Celeste said...

Getting back to diets - I am incapable of dieting. I don't mind eating healthy though. The problem is I really need to diet to kick start the whole weight loss machine and then eat healthy to maintain. But I won't. If I eat healthy I guess I will lose weight eventuallty - but I don't do that consistently either. I would rather exercise. But that won't cut it. I need to exercise AND reduce calorie intake. Anyway - I'm a hedonist. If it feels good, do it. That can apply to many, many things! Probably why I smile all the time...